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CONTRIBUTORS BELLA FOSTER WORLD OF INTERIORS The artist in her Los Angeles home; one of Foster's typical, finely rendered still lifes. 室内装修领域 画家在洛杉矶的家中; 精心渲染的静物画是福 斯特的典型风格之一。 A SEA OF LOVE photographs by 摄 影师 alexi hobbs From cutting-edge boutiques to homegrown Fashion emporiums and elegant department stores, eva Friede walks you around town 1 Cahier d'exerCiCes 3 6 9 r u e S a i n t - Pa u l O u e S t c a hier de xercice S.cOm 蒙特利尔老城区 最近, 一股复兴的风潮正席 卷这片古老的城区, 这也吸 引着蒙特利尔的大批富商 巨贾和游客纷至沓来。 2 This striking boutique designed by Gilles Saucier represents the new Old Montreal, with discreet, expertly curated luxury from collections such as Céline, Dries van Noten jacquard and Saint Laurent. 由吉勒斯 索西耶设计的这家精品屋 · 极为引人注目, 它尤为彰显了蒙特利 尔老城的新风尚, 店内的镇店之宝赛 琳时装、 德赖斯 范诺顿提花系列及 · 圣罗兰等各色服饰既清新素雅, 又精 美别致, 体现了一种低调的奢华。 À Ta b l e T o u T l e m o n d e 3 6 1 r u e S a i n t - Pa u l O u e S t ata b l e tO u t l e m O n d e .c O m Rare and exquisite Japanese pottery is the specialty at this enchanting discovery. 在这流连醉人的发现之旅中 精美罕 , 见的日本陶器绝对会带给您最特别 的惊喜。 1. Qua i 417 4 17 ru e S a i n t- Pi er r e q u a i 4 1 7. c O m Witty womenswear and recherché gifts hang alongside co-owner Philippe Dubuc's menswear at this edgy spot. 在这家时尚前卫的精品店内, 其中一 位店主菲利普 迪比克的男装旁边还 · 挂着一系列创意巧妙的女装和精心 设计的小礼物。 e s pa C e p e p i n 3 5 0 r u e S a i n t - Pa u l O u e S t P e P i n a r t.c O m This romantic enclave in the old city is the place to go for ethereal floor-dusting skirts paired with Frye boots. 2. ssense 9 0 r u e S a i n t - Pa u l O u e S t SSenSe.cOm Expansive online emporium SSENSE has a bricks-andmortar shop with choice bits of Lanvin, Givenchy, and Balmain. 超大的在线商城 SSENSE 设有一 家实体店, 这里的商品琳琅满目, 有 朗万、 纪梵希、 巴尔曼等高端品牌供 您选购。 bar ami 4 0 4 ru e S a i n t- J acqu e S OueSt ba r a mi.c a Replicas of midcentury modern décor classics are the name of the game at Barami, which makes great design accessible. 重现二十世纪中叶的现代装饰经典 是 Barami 的目标, 这样便有机会让 大众亲自感受这些伟大的设计 。 w w w. r i t z c a r lt o n . c o m Fashion writer and editor EVA FRIEDE ("Shopping: Montreal) has been covering the style scene in Montreal for almost 15 years. Aside from her constant shopping, she loves tango, salsa and anything shabby chic. 近 15 年来, 时尚作家和编 辑伊娃 弗里德"购物: · ( 蒙特利尔"的文字中一直 ) 以蒙特利尔的时尚之地 为素材。 除了对购物不变 的热忱外, 她还喜欢跳探 戈、 萨尔萨, 并热衷于任何 具有新怀旧风格的事物。 30 W W W. R I T Z C A R LT O N . C O M OCE AN BOUND From left: The writer strikes a triumphant pose; lively Marina del Rey. Beyond the commotion of india's third-Biggest city, fiona caulfield finds Beauty and inspiration 爱的海洋 海上探险 从左侧起: 作者展示胜 利果实; 可爱的玛丽安 德尔湾。 班加罗尔 巴塞罗那主厨帕科 佩雷斯凭着 · 自己的满怀深情呼唤奇迹 如果空灵飘逸的拖地长裙搭配弗赖伊 皮靴是您挚爱的装扮, 那么这片老城 中浪漫的飞地绝对让您不虚此行。 除去混乱问题, 菲奥娜 考尔菲德从这座印度 · 第三大城市中发现了其所蕴藏的美与灵感 By 作者 l auren sandler Photogr aPhs By 摄影师 justin l ane bou TiQue denis G aGnon 1 7 0 b r u e S a i n t - Pa u l OueSt deniSg agnOn.c a The winter assortment of Montreal fashion hero Denis Gagnon's store features screenprinted neoprene, intriguingly draped silks and scarlet pops. 蒙特利尔时尚先锋丹尼斯 加尼翁 · 的店内经营着独具特色的冬季服饰 品类, 如丝网印刷的氯丁橡胶服饰、 趣味十足的垂褶丝质服饰及各种鲜 红色睡衣。 bangalore Barcelona chef Paco Pérez conjures miracles from his Passion for the deeP 从走在潮流前沿的精品屋, 到充满本土气息的时 装商场和高雅时尚的百货公司, 时尚达人伊娃 弗 · 里德将带您遍览这座激情四射的时尚之都 VIeUX MOntreal The old city has undergone a recent renaissance, attracting an affluent crowd of Montrealers and visitors. WRITERS AND PHOTOGRAPHERS outdoors 户外 Fa l l i n g i n l o v e w i t h ... Shopping MOntreal 蒙特利尔 52 PORTRAIT: JONI NOE In Bella Foster's dreamy and lucid watercolors, it is easy to see the ghosts of French masters Henri Matisse and Pierre Bonnard: Colors are explored as emotions, and place is invoked with a cherished sense of intimacy. Foster's work has been published in The New York Times, New York magazine, W and other magazines, while she has also exhibited her paintings in galleries across the U.S. "There is a very practical difference between being an artist and an illustrator - one you do for a client, and the other you do for yourself. But really they are the same thing in the end because you have to find what you like in an illustration assignment the same way you have to find what you like in making work for yourself." For this issue, Foster created a cover image for our story on Bangalore. It was the open-air flower market that caught her imagination. "The piles and piles of flowers are delightful. On first look, from the photo research, I didn't know what those blocks of color were, and then looked closer and noticed they were flowers - immediate love!" Ph oto gra Ph s by 摄 影 师 Mah esh s h an tara M few places are as communal as a 像专业厨房这样公用的地方已少之 professional kitchen, and few acts are as 又少, 而像烹饪这样协调如一的动作也 collaborative as cooking in one. Yet in our 不多见。 由于在名厨领域内, 只以单名 climate of celebrity chefs, known by single names (Mario! Emeril! Wolfgang!) the "we" (Mario! Emeril! Wolfgang!相称, ) 顶级 of fine cooking has surely been overcome 大厨们现在只说 "我" , 而不是 "我们" 。 by the "I." Perhaps this is why you may 所以尽管帕科 佩雷斯是米其林四星大 · not have heard of Paco Pérez, despite his four Michelin stars, and ascendance within 厨, 且在位于西班牙东北角、 被誉为全 what is often heralded as the greatest 球顶级的美食烹饪区内也首屈一指, culinary zone of the world, the northeast 但您从未听说过他, 这可能便是其中 corner of Spain. Pérez, when talking 原因。 在谈论美食时 无论从技术到理 , about food, from technique to philosophy, seems constitutionally affronted by the 念, 佩雷斯似乎天生抵触 "我" 的叫法。 first person singular. But the artistry 他在巴塞罗那艺术酒店内的埃诺特卡 on the plates that emerge from his tiny 小厨房中通过令人赞叹的创新让我们 kitchen at Enoteca, in the Hotel Arts Barcelona - simple, pure flavors rendered 品尝到简单、 纯粹的美味, 但他在盘子 through stunning innovation - make it 上展现的精湛工艺让我们很难将这位 hard to place this humble, wide-smiling 谦逊、 爱笑的绅士与挥舞着菜刀和具有 man among the brandished knives and 强烈自我意识的职业联系起来。 blistering egos of his profession. 122 w w w. r i t z c a r lt o n . c o m GOING DEEP This page: Chef's celebrated gnocchi, paired with squid, grapes and onions. Opposite: Chef Paco Pérez in the kitchen. 深入钻研 本页: 主厨最引以为傲的汤团, 配以鱿鱼、 葡萄和洋葱。 背面: 名厨帕科 佩雷斯在厨房 · 中忙碌。 t h e r i t z - c a r lt o n m a g a z i n e 123 Photographer JUSTIN LANE ("A Sea of Love") is the New York bureau chief for the European Pressphoto Agency, a wire service providing daily news pictures to most of the world's major newspapers. 摄影师贾斯汀 雷恩 · ( "爱的海洋"是欧洲 ) 新闻图片社纽约分社 社长。 欧洲新闻图片社 是一家为全球大部分 报纸媒体提供每日新 闻图片的通讯社。 I suppose my relationship with Bangalore could be characterized as an arranged marriage. Like many par ticipants in such unions, we did not have an immediate connection. It was 2004 when I first visited the city. I had spent my life in Australia, England, the U.S. and Canada, but in Bangalore I was utterly bewildered by the chaos on the streets - by not only the sheer volume and variety of vehicles (and people and animals) but also by the fact that the city appeared to lack a center. There was no obvious urban plan, no distinct skyline, just an endless gridlock of humanity surging forward, and the place looked as if it was literally bursting at the seams. I wanted to get out as soon as possible. A year later, I was in the midst of a love af fair with glit zier Mumbai when circumstances dictated that I move from there to Bangalore. The flat I rented had no fridge, no shower, no hot water; I managed with a one-ring electric burner, and heated a pan of water for my bucket bath. I never could have imagined that, t wo years later, I would publish a book called "Love Bangalore," an ode to what was by then my adored hometown. Eight years since I first rented that flat, I'm still here - albeit in a more modern and comfor table apar tment. Bangalore's charms do not lie on the sur face. There are few tourist attractions to 36 w w w. r i t z c a r lt o n . c o m 如果用包办婚姻来形容我与班加罗尔的关系, 那么与这类联姻中的很多人一样, 我之前对这 casting call 座城市并不了解。 我于 2004 年第一次造访这座城市。 我之前 一年后, 当我深深爱上更加华美绚丽的孟买 弄到一台单环电炉 烧上一锅热水, , 然后在木桶 里洗澡。 我简直无法想象, 我在两年后竟然出版了一 本歌颂这座城市的书 《爱上班加罗尔》那时它 , 已成为我所热爱的家乡。 自我租住第一套公寓 现代化、 更加舒适, 但至少我仍留在这里。 班加罗尔所蕴藏的魅力需要细细品味。 这里 的旅游景点虽然屈指可数, 但这座城市诚挚地 邀请您来体验一番别样之旅-一起踏上印度 未来的探索之旅。 目前, 这座印度第三大城市拥 有逾 1,000 万人口 而 19 世纪末时 班加罗尔 , , LOC AL COLOR Flowers overflow into the streets at the City Market, where vendors also sell everything from produce and spices to street art. 地方特色 城市市场的街道上可谓花团锦 簇, 随处可见商贩们出售各种商 品, 从农产品和香料到街头艺术 等应有尽有。 t h e r i t z - c a r lt o n m a g a z i n e 37 92 洛杉矶玛丽安德尔湾垂钓之 旅将为经验丰富的垂钓者和 新手垂钓者带来无比的刺激 It's just before noon on a sun-drenched Southern California morning as I join a growing crowd gathered on Pier 52 in Los Angeles' Marina del Rey. I've lived in L.A. for years, but only recently learned of the sportfishing excursions that leave from the marina almost every day of the year. As I look around, I see that plenty of other people are in on the secret: About half the crowd has brought their own carbon-fiber fishing rods and personal tackle boxes. I might be in over my head. Our ride, the 64-foot, 92-year-old Betty-O, approaches the pier. Soon we're cruising past gleaming-white fiberglass sailboats and monster yachts, toward a cluster of surf shacks, one of which houses a bait shop where deckhands Mikey and Zander shovel the 5-inch squids that will serve as bait into our holding tanks. As we head back out into the bay, I hand $5 to the captain's wife, buying into the jackpot that will be awarded to the person who catches the biggest fish of the day. Within minutes, we have a pod of dolphins off the stern. Gulls and pelicans shadow the boat from above. I approach the bait tank. These squids are a tantalizing treat to the birds, but less 发展所造成的无尽的交通堵塞, 毫不夸张地说, 这里看上去人满为患。 我真想尽快离开这里。 时, 境遇迫使我从孟买搬到班加罗尔。 我租住的 公寓内没有冰箱、 没有淋浴, 也没有热水; 我设法 开始已过去八年, 虽然我现在租住的公寓更加 小试身手 A s port f i s h i n g t r i p o u t o f Los Ang eLe s ' M Ar i n A d e L r e y d e Li ve r s t h r i L L s f o r e x pe r i e nc e d f i s h e rM e n A n d novi c e A n gLe r s A L i k e 一直生活在澳大利亚、 英国、 美国和加拿大。 来到班加罗尔, 看到街上一片混乱景象, 让我完 全不知所措 - 不仅是满街的人、 动物和各种车 辆, 还有这座城市似乎缺少一个核心。 这里没有 明确的城市规划、 没有明晰的天际线, 只有人类 南加州的上午阳光灿烂, 我在中午之前赶到洛杉矶玛丽安德尔湾 52 号码头, 加入在此集合的大队人马中。 虽然我在洛杉矶生活多 年, 但最近才知道全年中几乎每天都可离开码头, 体验刺激的垂 钓之旅。 我环顾四周, 看到很多人似乎都知道了这个秘密: 人群中 大约有一半人都携带着自己的碳纤维钓竿和私人钓具盒。 我已经 有些晕头转向了 。 我们乘坐的 Betty-O 号姗姗驶近码头。 Betty-O 号船身长 64 英尺, 已服役 92 年。 我们的船很快便超越了闪闪发亮的白色玻璃 纤维帆船和大游艇, 向着一簇簇冲浪棚驶去, 其中一个冲浪棚是 鱼饵商店 水手米奇和詹德在商店内铲了一些 5 英寸大的乌贼放 , 入我们的储鱼罐中, 作为我们的鱼饵。 我们回到海湾后, 我交给船 长妻子 5 美元, 放入奖池中, 当天谁钓到最大的鱼, 将获得这笔钱 作为奖励。 几分钟内, 便有一群海豚从船尾游过, 而海鸥和鹈鹕也从我 们的船上方一掠而过。 我走近鱼饵罐。 这些乌贼可是鸟儿们诱人 的美餐, 但对我却没半点吸引力 幸运的是, 。 詹德帮我找到了一根 租用的鱼竿和卷线轴, 然后来到我身边, 将鱼饵挂到鱼钩上。 我抛 出鱼线, 詹德教我如何轻轻卷索使鱼线刚好绷紧 我突然感觉, 。 w w w. r i t z c a r lt o n . c o m by 作 者 ka l e e t h ompson MAHESH SHANTARAM KALEE THOMPSON ("Falling in Love With... Bangalore") has traveled to 45 countries and lived in five of them. He had to wake up before dawn every day for this story to photograph the charm of the city he calls home. ("Casting Call") is a former editor at National Geographic Adventure magazine and writes for Popular Mechanics, Runner's World, and Parade. 马赫什 桑塔拉姆"爱 · ( 上... 班加罗尔"的足迹 ) 遍布全球 45 个国家, 并曾 在其中 5 个国家生活过。 为了给他的故事拍摄最具 魅力的城市图片 他每天 , 不得不在黎明之前起床, 而他乐此不疲, 因为他称 这座城市为 "家" 。 凯莉 汤普森"小试身 · ( 手"是 ) 《国家地理探 险》 杂志的前任编辑, 目前为 《大众机械》 、 《跑步者世界》 《大 及 观》 杂志撰稿。 http://www.SGAGNON.CA http://www.LEMONDE.COM http://www.PEPINART.COM http://WWW.RITZCARLTON.COM http://WWW.RITZCARLTON.COM http://WWW.RITZCARLTON.COM http://WWW.RITZCARLTON.COM http://WWW.RITZCARLTON.COM

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