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Shopping PhotograPhs by alexi hobbs MOntreal A EuropEAn sEnsE of stylE pErvAdEs EvErything from thE historic buildings housing cutting-EdgE boutiquEs to thE homEgrown fAshion Emporiums And ElEgAnt dEpArtmEnt storEs. EvA friEdE wAlks you Around town 2 VIeUX MOntreal 1. The old city has undergone a renaissance in recent years, with boutique hotels, luxe condos, fine restaurants and fabulous fashion attracting an affluent crowd of Montrealers and visitors alike. 1 Cahier d'exerCiCes 3 6 9 r u e S a i n t - Pa u l O u e S t c a hier de xercice S.cOm This striking boutique designed by Gilles Saucier represents the new Old Montreal, with discreet, expertly curated luxury from the international collections. Every piece - be it a Céline satchel, a Dries van Noten jacquard top or the essential Saint Laurent biker jacket - is lovingly displayed like a piece of art. À Ta b l e T o u T l e m o n d e 3 6 1 r u e S a i n t - Pa u l O u e S t ata b l e tO u t l e m O n d e .c O m Rare and exquisite Japanese pottery is a specialty here. Discover the ultrathin lacquered wood bowls from Kihachi Studio or Ryota Aoki's textured and glazed ceramics. 2. Quai 417 4 17 ru e S a i n t- Pi er r e q u a i 4 1 7. c O m "Who gives a chic?" reads a T-shirt with a caricature of Coco Chanel from the Mua Mua line, which specializes in hand-knit dolls made in Bali parodying fashion icons (Coco, Karl, Anna, Yves, Miuccia) and others. Co-owner Philippe Dubuc's edgy menswear hangs here, too, as do recherché items like Antoni & Alison's printed silks from England and silver-finished denim from L.G.B. in Japan. e s pa C e p e p i n 3 5 0 r u e S a i n t - Pa u l O u e S t P e P i n a r t.c O m A romantic enclave in the heart of the old city beckons with a 52 w w w. r i t z c a r lt o n . c o m veil of sheer curtains in the doorway. This is the place to go for those longing for an ethereal floor-dusting skirt to sport with Frye boots. bou TiQue denis G aGnon 1 7 0 b r u e S a i n t - Pa u l OueSt deniSg agnOn.c a With his oversized glasses and ponytail, Denis Gagnon is something of a fashion hero in town, known for his edgy, virtuosic talent and his no-nonsense attitude. There's lots of screen-printed neoprene in his store this winter, plus intriguingly draped silks and blasts of scarlet. ssense 9 0 r u e S a i n t - Pa u l O u e S t SSenSe.cOm Known as an expansive online emporium, SSENSE has a bricks-and-mortar shop with choice bits of Lanvin, Givenchy, and Balmain. If you see an object of your desire on the Web, call ahead and the store will bring it in from the warehouse for you to try on. bar ami 4 0 4 ru e S a i n t- J acqu e S OueSt ba r a mi.c a Replicas of midcentury modern classics are the name of the game at Barami, which aims to make great design accessible. Check out copies of Starck's Louis Ghost chairs in regular or mini size, replica Eames elephant stools and Kartell look-alike lamps. http://www.CAHIERDEXERCICES.COM http://www.DENISGAGNON.CA http://www.ATABLETOUTLEMONDE.COM http://www.SSENSE.COM http://www.QUA1417.COM http://www.BARAMI.CA http://www.PEPINART.COM http://WWW.RITZCARLTON.COM

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Ritz-Carlton Magazine - Winter 2014