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Summer 2015 PASSPORT A R LT O N * THE R I TZ -C TZ a new voice "Brand voice is the expression of The Ritz-Carlton brand," says President and Chief Operations Officer Hervé Humler. Last year, The Ritz-Carlton partnered with renowned design firm Pentagram to design a refreshed voice that reflects the company's evolving customer base. Featuring an updated logo and a new color palette, the new look embraces modern luxury and an increasingly fast-paced world while staying true to the brand's distinctive legacy of extraordinary service and classic comforts. The new palette reflects the company's heritage of blues - as seen in the Czechoslovakian crystal chandeliers that hung in the original Ritz-Carlton in Boston - pulled through in newly branded, energetic light blues. Development of the voice included stakeholder interviews, hotel site visits, competitor and luxury benchmarking analyses, current state inventory and global consumer insights from more than 3,000 luxury travelers. The Ritz-Carlton will begin a phased global rollout this fall, with plans to spread the voice across all printed property materials, from keycards to in-room dining menus. This edition of Passport marks a new design for the newsletter, as well. Reflecting the recent enhancements to The Ritz-Carlton Magazine, the refreshed look steers the publication in a modern, energetic new direction. - C A R LT  I NFORMAT ION, P LEASE VISI T RI TZCARLTON.COM. ☛ FOR 1 A NEW VOICE 2 A CULINARY TRADITION / NEW YORK PREMIERE 3 TORONTO'S SCENE 4 TAKE A HIKE / MEMORIES OF A LIFETIME http://www.ritzcarlton.com http://www.ritzcarlton.com

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Ritz-Carlton Passport - Summer 2015