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dispatch All the Buzz OUR CURRENT INSPIRATIONS IN THE WORLD OF WEDDINGS, FROM THE RITZ-CARLTON AND BEYOND Ring It In Whether you're still searching for the perfect engagement ring or on the lookout for the right bands, your wedding jewelry is certainly among the purchases of a lifetime. Erica Sigel, a former InStyle and Brides editor who also runs @mycenterstone on Instagram, shares the hottest ring trends now. Which would you wear? "Mixed Metals. It's no longer considered clashing but the height of chic for brides to mix white, yellow and rose golds; gentlemen can try this masculine combination of black and rose gold." Zirconium band with 14-karat rose gold inlay, $747, lashbrookdesigns.com "Personalized rings. More and more jewelers are heeding the call of couples who want to custom-design their rings and bands." Custom diamond and sapphire engagement and wedding ring set, $4,000 (not including center stone), diamondideals.com Lost & Found "PavÉ is still huge, appearing along the band and around the stone. And when it comes to diamonds, the 'it' shape is oval. It has a look that nods to the Victorian but feels incredibly fresh now." the staff of The Ritz-Carlton, Toronto, received an emergency phone call one evening. The bride whose wedding had occurred in the hotel the night before had left behind her bouquet - and, tied to it, a priceless family ring. Led by the loss prevention team, a thorough property search was followed by a meticulous excavation of the trash compacter. Many bags were sifted through, but the precious bundle finally appeared. The bride was overjoyed - especially when the ring reached her safe and sound, carefully packed in a signature Ritz-Carlton box. 30 W E D D I N G S B Y T H E R I T Z - C A R LT O N Yellow oval Aura ring with white halo, price upon request, debeers.com Receptions to Remember If you've never planned a wedding-scale event before, orchestrating the reception can feel overwhelming. Fortunately, according to Scott Corridan of Scott Corridan Events, you can get it right by nailing just three essential elements: 1. THE SEATING. Whether your group numbers 10 or 1,000, help guests find their tables with ease. On a seating chart, number the tables and then list guests alphabetically. 2. THE MEAL. This is the opportunity of a lifetime to "break bread" with your family and friends. Honor that. Create a menu that is not only delicious and seasonal, but that speaks to you and your union. Pot-stickers and cupcakes? Along with filet mignon and halibut? Absolutely! Make it yours. 3. THE TOASTS. Choose your orators carefully - look for two to four loved ones who know how to hold a group's attention while delivering a compelling message that inspires laughter and tears, and will mark the moment in your guests' hearts forever. (TOAST) CATHERINE HALL STUDIOS http://www.lashbrookdesigns.com http://www.diamondideals.com http://www.debeers.com

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