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the expert On Top of the World Our wEDDing PrOfESSiOnal takES lakE tahOE cElEbratiOnS tO nEw hEightS Q B l anch e taB e Director of Meetings and Special Events The Ritz-Carlton, Lake Tahoe With 22 years of experience in the hospitality industry, you're certainly an expert in weddings. What's your no. 1 piece of advice for couples just starting the planning process? To have fun. If you take the fun out of planning, it takes away from the whole experience and starts to become too stressful and serious. It's a celebration, after all! Q how do couples make the most of your indoor and outdoor settings? Lake Tahoe couples typically want an outdoor venue for the ceremony, winter or summer. We always prepare for inclement weather, and with flowers and décor - combined with floor-to-ceiling windows and our mountain ambience - we can re-create the outdoor experience inside if needed. Q intimate weddings are becoming more of a trend. how do you make them feel spectacular? Small weddings are an excellent opportunity for personalization. You can have very elegant favors, more elaborate table and event décor, and a high-end selection of food and wine offerings. You can create a truly remarkable experience for you and your guests. 68 w e d d i n g s b y t h e r i t z - c a r lt o n Q is there any special etiquette for out-oftown guests? It's important to communicate destination information in advance. Provide welcome bags with a list of activities, area recommendations, directions and other tips. Host a reception or rehearsal dinner to welcome your guests and answer any questions they may have. Q are you seeing any new culinary trends on the horizon for 2016? We're seeing an increase in afterglow receptions, which begin around 10 p.m. and feature the couple's favorite snacks, like doughnuts, pizza and sundae bars. Accommodating a variety of guests' dietary needs is becoming more prevalent and important as well. Q how do you help couples ensure that their weddings include the personal, unique moments they'll remember for a lifetime? We make sure the newlyweds sit down for dinner; it's often the only time they can enjoy one another's company during the event. During planning, I always ask couples to identify three things that will make the day memorable, and then I focus on making them happen. Q Do you have any tips for making the most of a mountain setting? Use your own personal touches and style without trying to overly stage the natural setting. Rustic florals, wood and botanical accents, and an earthy palette enhance the natural beauty of our surroundings.

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