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YOUR FRAGRANCE SHOULD BE AS INDIVIDUAL AS YOU ARE — AND IT CAN BE POSSIBLE WITH A CUSTOM-BLENDED SCENT. WITH GUIDANCE FROM GUERLAIN, THE WORLD’S PREMIER PERFUME HOUSE, WE EXPLORE THE EXPERIENCE AND TAKE A LOOK AT INGREDIENTS THAT MAKE SIGNATURE FRAGRANCES UNIQUE Love Notes by Tanvi Chheda , , articulates a bride’s inner radiance and confidence, without a single word. “The fragrance should express a bride’s true identity,” says Sylvaine Delacourte, who develops fragrances for Guerlain in Paris. “It should leave a trace of her in the memory of others, especially her husband.” In the years to come, the tailor-made perfume will transport a bride back to this special day, evoking fond memories of the occasion and the beginning of her new life. At Guerlain, Delacourte begins the bespoke process with a two-hour journey through a bride’s memory, drawing upon all the positive smells and tastes she has carried with her since childhood. “It’s a conventional conversation, but with a bit of a psychological approach,” she explains. Next, an edited list of essences and ingredients, also called notes, are presented to validate the preferences expressed by the bride. Often described as top, middle or base, the notes indicate the layering of essences within the final perfume, which continue to unfold and reveal themselves as hours go by. Finally, samples of blends are created and sent to the bride over the course of several months until she is absolutely pleased with her fragrance. While a bespoke perfume is as personal as a portrait or signature, here we share some notes and ingredients that may especially appeal to a bride. 42 W E D D I N G S B Y T H E R I T Z - C A R LT O N

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Ritz-Carlton Weddings - January 2011
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Ritz-Carlton Weddings - January - June 2011