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DESIGNER The Ladybird Gown profiles ◗ jewelery Timeless Elegance ◗ Bridal fashion Simon G blends tradition and technology to craft bridal jewelry that’s cherished for generations It starts with a vision, a dream of potential. Then, a sketch. After that, a perfect, harmonious blending of old-world craftsmanship and new-world technology — a CAD program brings that first elegant sketch to life via three-dimensional printing, with artisans checking every step in the rendering process to ensure the end result is worthy of a casting in precious metals. And once that casting is compete? Then the real artistry begins. That’s just a typical day in Simon G’s world — as a preeminent designer of superlative engagement and bridal jewelry, much of his time is balanced between the creative and the technical, between vision and execution. The result? Brilliant and dynamic keepsakes that are intricately designed, meticulously crafted, timeless and of the moment, all at the same time. Before, during and after the creation process, Simon G focuses on ensuring each ring exemplifies the dreams of the betrothed, providing a symbol of love that has longevity and durability — a symbol crafted to live forever. For that reason, he sees a move toward the use of more traditional stones, and a more timeless design. It is, in short, a trendless trend, harkening back to a more refined time when rings became cherished heirlooms to be passed from generation to generation. And Simon G is proud to be part of that tradition. For more information on Simon G’s collections, as well as a listing of finer retailers featuring his works worldwide, visit simongjewelry.com. Simon G and one of his keepsake rings (top right). Art of the Dress Seeing one ordinary bridal gown after another inspired engineer Nere Emiko to pursue a new passion Sometimes, it takes the technical, inquisitive and creative mind of an engineer to unlock the true potential of bridal fashion. For Nere Emiko, said engineer, a spate of friends’ weddings pushed her on a path to follow her passions for gown design. “At each wedding, I saw my friends wearing wedding Nere Emiko dresses that were finely made, but wholly devoid of my friends’ personalities,” she says. “So while the dresses were clearly ‘wedding dresses,’ they weren’t truly a reflection of my friends’ tastes, spirit and sensibilities.” And something had to be done about that. Tapping a fashion design skill set that was employed during college to help costume prominent events, Emiko set out to rectify impersonal designs. By focusing on creating gowns that were more unique in terms of color, tone, fabric choice and drape, Emiko’s Beth Elis designs soon became renowned as a destination for more couture-driven designs, ranging from the elegant and sophisticated to the more whimsical and personable. And, regardless of whether the form is billowy or sleek, Beth Elis designs are known for their audacious artistry, passion and detail. “The key,” Emiko says, “is to never overpower the bride with design. … The design needs to complement the bride, not be the focal point.” So, Emiko works with an eye toward the bride-to-be’s body type, with designs working within that type as opposed to retrofitting to it. “Sometimes a bride has dreamed of a specific dress since she was 2 years old,” Emiko says. “I just happen to be lucky enough to make that dream come true.” For a more detailed look at Beth Elis creations, go to bethelis.com or visit the Beth Elis bridal salon at Gilda Grace Collections in Austin, Texas. SpEciaL promotional section http://www.simongjewelry.com http://www.bethelis.com

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Ritz-Carlton Weddings - January - June 2011