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your dreams · expert advice Making “I Do” Uniquely You Our favOrite Wedding prOs help yOu plan a mOre persOnal celebratiOn Q a I have short hair — not exactly easy to work with as a bride. Any suggestions for looking more classic despite my nontraditional style? In fact, flowers can create the illusion of longer hair, if that’s what you’d like. For dimension and a fuller look, consider highlights. And to create a sense of texture, try a headband or crystal hair accessory. I’d also recommend taking several different accessories with you on your trial run with your stylist. He or she can help you decide the best look for your big day. Molly dudley, bridal stylist the ritz-carlton, Dove Mountain Q W vintage style like a gorgeous finger wave works particularly well with short hair. The waves can soften an overtexturized short haircut, transforming it into an elegant and feminine wedding look. Add further flair by placing two rhinestone clips on one side of the hairstyle. A more casual finger wave can be achieved using a flatiron. This look will create a soft yet defined focal point that’s perfect for a floral accessory. I love black and white photography. Are there any elements we should take into consideration when planning our wedding so that we can best take advantage of this photo style? a vintage style like a gorgeous finger wave works particularly well with short hair. hen i first began training as a photographer, I loved using black and white film because it provided versatility in all lighting situations.  But today, film has taken a back seat to digital photography. Couples still love black and white images because of their timelessness, and the photography style gives you the ability to add contrast to a picture, which can provide a very dramatic result. This works especially well when a bride and groom are in a dark area that can only be lit by a small, confined natural light source or by simulating that light using a flash. Depending upon the time of day and year, that same approach can be used to draw focus to the couple outdoors as well. Most wedding photographers shoot in color and digitally convert selected images to black and white using editing software. But the biggest advantage digital black and white photography offers is the option of converting back to color, something black and white film cannot do. sheri laMagna Brett Matthews Photography 22 w e d d i n g s b y t h e r i t z - c a r lt o n illustrations by pepper tharp

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Ritz-Carlton Weddings - July 2012
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Ritz-Carlton Weddings - July 2012