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the expert Master Choreographer Our truSteD SOurCe in Shanghai ShareS the eSSential trenDS, traDitiOnS anD triCkS fOr a Sublime ChineSe weDDing Q J u n e re n Senior Director of Catering The Ritz-Carlton Shanghai, Pudong What advice do you give couples who are choosing a venue? They should consider their budget and the season. In Shanghai, spring and fall are popular - and thus more expensive. A luxury hotel like ours can guarantee a high level of quality in services and amenities. To help couples visualize the day, we have a wedding lounge that's outfitted with linens and d├ęcor. We also use an iPad with images of flower arrangements, food presentations and tabletops. Q Q Your property is known for its wedding butlers. What do they do? Wedding butlers take care of all the little details on the big day. They escort couples to the dressing room, handle food and beverage requests, and take care of any last-minute needs that come up. One bride craved green tea ice cream; our butler drove 25 minutes to find it and surprised her. She was thrilled - and touched. Q how do you help couples incorporate philanthropy into their weddings? We're seeing interest, especially from some of our celebrity couples, in giving back to the community. We've coordinated gifts such as books and school supplies, given in the names of guests, for local schoolchildren. The kids come to meet the bride and groom. It adds even more meaning to an already special day. What makes chinese weddings different? In China, most wedding ceremonies occur during dinner (and a few cities, like Beijing, serve lunch). Entertainment is a focus, and the couple usually performs in some way. A favorite ritual is "disturbing the bridal chamber" after dinner. Guests poke fun at the newlyweds by playing tricks on them in their room! Q Besides the color red, what symbols are thought to bring luck? Many brides choose peonies, which are regarded as omens of a happy marriage, as their auspicious flower. On the wedding night, parents put dates, peanuts, longan fruit and lotus seed on the couple's bed, to wish them a healthy baby soon. 72 w e d d i n g s b y t h e r i t z - c a r lt o n illustration by sam wilson

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Ritz-Carlton Weddings - July 2014
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Ritz-Carlton Weddings - July 2014