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contents features 7 10 16 21 diabetes check The Diabetes Treatment Center teaches the skills needed to keep your diabetes under control. model behavior Three women share their secrets for exercise, nutrition and staying healthy despite a busy schedule. is it a sign? Knowing these five symptoms of cancer can help catch problems early. special 44 46 49 50 52 54 our newest addition The North Mississippi Medical Center Women’s Hospital’s NICU delivers the next generation of neonatal care. winter pedi-cures Follow these tips to give your feet the TLC they deserve. your heart: the owner’s manual A handy guide to caring for your ticker, from exercise and nutrition to screenings and stress management. shining stars NMMC community hospitals in Iuka, Miss., and Hamilton, Ala., receive VHA Leadership Awards. back in action Two men share how knee injuries don’t always mean the game’s over. up to speed Emergency department work is fast-paced, multifaceted and rewarding. Find out how you can join the team. departments 2 opening thoughts North Mississippi Health Services’ recognition as one of the nation’s Most Wired and Most Wireless hospitals and healthcare organization reflects its dedication to quality and safety. 56 catch the spirit Tupelo’s Bev Crossen wins National Spirit of Women Community Hero Award. independence days Discover how innovative technology is improving senior safety and boosting self-sufficiency. the right stuff Some of the best tools to get healthy are everyday items you already own. 38 40 digest this NMMC Home Health Agency patients benefit from therapy that eases swallowing problems. healthy bites Heart and diabetes patients hospitalized at NMMC in Tupelo are learning firsthand the benefits of switching from a Western diet to Mediterranean fare. watch and learn Are these famous TV chefs serving up healthy delights or fat-laden fare? Here’s what you need to know before tuning in. on the cover Sidney Poitier is one of film’s greatest actors, but that didn’t make him immune to prostate cancer. Learn how he overcame the disease and about tips for prevention. COVER PHOTOGRAPH BY GASPER TRINGALE/CPI vim & vigor · wi nter 2009

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Vim & Vigor - Winter 2009 - North Mississippi
Opening Thoughts
Our Newest Addition
Diabetes Check
Model Behavior
Is it a Sign?
Your Heart: The Owner's Manual
Independence Days
Sidney Poitier
The Right Stuff
Watch and Learn
Up to Speed
Shining Stars
Back in Action
Digest This
Healthy Bites
Catch the Spirit

Vim & Vigor - Winter 2009 - North Mississippi