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stroke ofs assistant principal of Central School in West Point, Jacqueline Gray’s job is to inspire children. This past year has provided more opportunity than usual to do so. On the first day of Christmas holidays in 2008, Gray had a dentist appointment in Columbus. “While I was in the waiting room, I started getting nauseated. It was about 10:20 a.m., and I realized that I had not eaten any breakfast that morning,” she says. “I decided I would step out and get something to eat. But then I had a feeling that I should go ask for help instead.” Gray asked the receptionist to call 911. “They took me back to an exam room and helped me get into the chair. Within a minute of asking for help, I couldn’t move anything on my right side and the right side of my mouth was numb,” she recalls. “The dentist asked me what was wrong and I told him, ‘I think I’m having a stroke.’ ” She was rushed by ambulance to the nearby hospital, where she recovered for 10 days. ck lu she asked for help when she needed it most an unlikely risk At age 42 and seemingly the picture of health, Gray was quite an unlikely candidate. “I had my yearly checkup and blood work done the month before this, and everything was fine,” she says. “You never think it can happen to you.” > know the risks info For more information from NMMC’s Acute Stroke Unit about the risk factors for stroke, visit Jacqueline Gray’s job as assistant principal of Central School in West Point is to inspire children. vim & vigor · s p ri ng 2010

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Vim & Vigor - Spring 2010- North Mississippi
Opening Thoughts
Weight-loss Success Stories
Come See Us
Hit the Links
Excuses, Excuses
Easing the Pressure
Prostate Predicament
On Mended Knees
Imaging IQ
Will Power
Caregiving: A Survival Guide
Form Factors
Wake-Up Call
Stroke of Luck
Weight Matters
History Lesson
Catch the Spirit

Vim & Vigor - Spring 2010 - North Mississippi