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CONTENTS SPECIAL Back Talk Balloon kyphoplasty procedure is an option for patients who are not candidates for back surgery. FEATURES 35 38 42 46 49 52 54 In Good Hands Carpal tunnel syndrome can make almost any task painful. Get a grasp on the condition and find relief. Think Again Six thoughts that may sound innocent could actually mean heart attack. Learn when to listen to your body. No Kidding Humor columnist Dave Barry had a colonoscopy—and lived to tell about it! Read his story. Giving Is Great Medicine It’s better to give than receive. But did you know that donating time or money can benefit your health, too? Recovering Lost Lives Patients celebrate their triumphs in rehab and the support from physical, occupational and speech therapists. Westward Expansion NMMC conducted planning sessions with patients and their families as well as physicians and staff before undertaking the West Bed Tower expansion project. Take a Deep Breath With proper treatment, people with asthma can live well. But without it, asthma can be dangerous or even deadly. 6 DEPARTMENTS 2 Opening Thoughts NMMC–Tupelo moving forward on new West Bed Tower. 56 Catch the Spirit Spirit of Women Getaway offers taste of the Good Life. 4 8 10 16 18 30 Baby Steps A mom shares how North Mississippi Medical Center’s rehabilitation services helped her recover from the effects of Guillain-Barré syndrome. It’s a ‘No Brainer’ With the help of a robot and a couple of dummies, NMMC’s trauma registrar is teaching seat-belt safety. Ready ... Set ... Get Motivated! Give your health an overhaul with this plan for long-term success. Having Reservations? Restaurants are a minefield of nutrition no-nos. But they are navigable—with a helping of common sense. Stressing Stress Anxiety isn’t just a mental problem. Find out how it physically affects your body from head to toe. Adults at Play Want a surefire way to induce relaxation? Tap your inner child and go out and play. COVER PHOTOGRAPH © MICHAEL GRECCO/CONTOUR BY GETTY IMAGES SECOND ACT 24 Vim & Vigor · SUMM ER 2010 As Christina Applegate knows, a diagnosis of breast cancer is devastating and daunting. But it also can lead to a sense of renewal when it’s all over. Read about her experience and how you can persevere. 1

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Vim & Vigor - Summer 2010 - North Mississippi
Opening Thoughts
Baby Steps
Back Talk
It’s a ‘No Brainer’
Ready ... Set ... Get Motivated!
Having Reservations?
Stressing Stress
Second Act
Adults at Play
In Good Hands
Think Again
No Kidding
Giving Is Great Medicine
Recovering Lost Lives
Westward Expansion
Take a Deep Breath
Catch the Spirit

Vim & Vigor - Summer 2010 - North Mississippi