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‘No Brainer’ New robot reinforces message that wearing seat belts saves lives With the help of a robot and a couple of dummies, Diane Furtick hopes to persuade more people to wear safety belts. “I have seen many adults and children involved in vehicle accidents, many of which would have been less serious if they had been wearing a seat belt,” says Furtick, trauma registrar for North Mississippi Medical Center–Tupelo’s Emergency Department. “Over the years, mandatory use of seat belts and the effectiveness of the belt have made riding in a car a much safer experience. “My passion for helping the injured patient has been a major part of my job,” says Furtick, who has worked in emergency services since 1989. “We strive to give the best care possible, but with all that said, we cannot change the attitudes of all people in our region. What we have discovered is that if we change the minds of our children, we can reach adults as well.” According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, more than 15,000 lives are saved each year in the United States because drivers and their passengers were wearing seat belts when they were in accidents. In 2008 the number of deaths from vehicle accidents nationwide hit a record low— but 37,000 people still lost their lives. The No Brainer 9000 and the Crash Test Dummies, Vince and Larry, showed up at the NMMC employee parking garage to check whether drivers were wearing their seat belts. Those who were received Life Savers candies; those who weren’t were handed a Dum Dum Pops sucker. It’s A A Robot lifesAveR Furtick’s efforts to help further promote the cause culminated with the invention of the No Brainer 9000, a shiny robot that sings about the benefits of seat belt usage. “The robot was a brainstorm of mine because most all children love shiny toys and with all the attraction on Transformers and robots in movies and cartoons, I was hoping it would get a good reception,” Furtick says. “His name comes from the idea that it does not take a brain to know you should wear your seat belt— hence the name ‘No Brainer.’ ” The No Brainer 9000 has been on board with the Trauma Department only for a short period of time, but has already made an impact. The robot’s first appearance was in the employee parking garage at NMMC, along with Vince and Larry, the Crash Test Dummies. “Of the 150 cars we checked, 38 were not wearing their belt and were given a Dum Dum Pops sucker, while the other 112 got Life Savers for being a life saver for wearing the belt,” Furtick says. “We know we are reaching some people.” CAll Arrange for the No Brainer 9000 to visit a group of eight or more children, age kindergarten to sixth grade. Call 800-THE DESK (800-843-3375). After the 10-minute presentation, attendees will be asked to sign a commitment sheet that they will wear their seat belts. Want to Use the Robot? 8 Vim & Vigor • SUM M ER 2 010

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