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Aerobics Roundup Let’s get it started in here— for a healthier you W e all know that exercising in public can be intimidating. From feeling selfconscious about your weight to being unsure of which exercise class is right for you, it might seem as if working out alone is the only option. But there are many benefits to enrolling in a fitness class. Exercising in a group setting, like one of the classes at a North Mississippi Medical Center Wellness Center, provides the support and encouragement that you don’t get at home. In addition, enrolling in a class gives structure and consistency Pilates to your workout routine. You might even feel more apt to push yourself further and set higher goals. “The benefit of an exercise class is that you get community support during class,” says Jeanie Dale, manager of Pontotoc Wellness Center. “You get camaraderie that you wouldn’t get at home. It’s also very helpful for people who have struggled with workout programs on their own.” Another benefit of an exercise class is the expertise of the instructors, most of whom are certified by national fitness organizations. “The class instructor can monitor your form and intensity levels, so you can be assured you are not doing anything that could injure you,” says Tracy Stebbins, director of the NMMC-West Point Wellness Center. “Your instructor can also provide you with modifications if you are not quite able to do the high intensity moves. For example, if you don’t yet feel comfortable lying on the floor to do abdominal exercises, your instructor can show you similar exercises that you can do with a stability ball instead.” Any time is a great time to enroll in an exercise class, and finding the right class for you is easy. Here is a roundup of the classes you can enroll in at your local wellness center: Pilates: This style of exercise increases flexibility and strengthens muscles. It uses mat exercises and equipment to tone and strengthen the body. Pilates offers intense core body training using the mat with a stability ball and hand weights. > Vim & Vigor · WI NTER 2010 49

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Vim & Vigor - Winter 2010 - North Mississippi
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Aerobics Roundup
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Vim & Vigor - Winter 2010 - North Mississippi