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S t a y in Ci 36 Vim & Vigor • Fall 2 011 The ‘cardio’ in cardiovascular is just half the story. Vascular disease can affect your whole body If you’re like most people, when you think about your cardiovascular system you think first about your heart. But don’t forget that your blood vessels are every bit as important to your health. Vascular diseases show up in places you might least expect—from the large arteries that send blood to your major organs to the tiny veins that carry it back from the tips of your toes. Having a parent, sibling or child with vascular disease raises your own risk, but the most significant risk factors for vascular disease are smoking and diabetes, says Gina Lundberg, M.D., a preventive cardiologist and American Heart Association spokeswoman. While some circulatory problems are just annoying, others are dangerous and even fatal. This head-to-toe guide intends to keep you in circulation. Read on to learn more about actions you must take to protect your health. six common vascular diseases, telltale symptoms and cul ation! r

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Vim & Vigor - Fall 2011 - North Mississippi
Opening Thoughts
Stay Connected
We’re Here for You
How Tweet It Is
Healthy Hues
The New Survivors
First (Aid) Things First
Find Your Groove
A Healthy Tune
Stay in Circulation
‘X’ Marks the Spot
Pregnancy Predictors
Play It Safe
Good to Know
Catch the Spirit

Vim & Vigor - Fall 2011 - North Mississippi