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CONTENTS SPECIAL Pump It Up NMMC’s cardiologists have a new treatment option for patients who aren’t candidates for open-heart surgery. 4 DEPARTMENTS 2 Opening Thoughts For the 10th consecutive year, North Mississippi Health Services is one of the nation’s Most Wired health organizations. 56 Catch the Spirit Area women enjoyed a bevy of activities at NMMC Spirit of Women’s Girls’ Night Out, “Indulge in Your Best Health Now.” FEATURES 34 38 42 46 50 52 Do-It-Yourself Health? Here’s your guide to DIY health fixes— and when to call in the professionals. Fighting Words Ready to knock cancer out of the ring? First, learn the lingo. Balancing Act Managing your raging hormones doesn’t end with your teenage years. A guide for all ages and stages. Giving & Getting Four inspiring volunteers share their stories behind the saying, “It’s better to give than receive.” Brighten Up Are you blue in winter? We shed some light on seasonal affective disorder to help you feel better. Welcome Aboard Twenty-three physicians joined our healthcare organization over the past year. 6 8 10 16 18 24 Heart of the Matter Heart valve replacement procedure has maximum impact but minimal scarring. Every Minute Counts North Mississippi Medical Center staff members have been working intently for several years to reduce treatment time for heart attack victims, and their hard work is paying big dividends for patients. A Workout for Every Mood Whether you’re rushed or stressed, unmotivated or bored, here’s the perfect workout to fit your mood. Don’t Fail Your Heart Answers to four questions about the other cardiac condition: heart failure. If Your Bones Could Talk Bone up on the best orthopedic advice you’ll ever receive, from head to toe. Healthy Travels Do you have diabetes? Don’t go on vacation without these travel tips. COVER PHOTOGRAPHY BY LIME FOTO ON THE COVER 28 Vim & Vigor · SPRI NG 2011 As America’s reigning sweetheart, Sandra Bullock has been entertaining movie audiences for years yet never seems to age. What are the Oscar winner’s secrets to staying fit and fabulous past 40? We share four age-defying tips. 1

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Vim & Vigor - Spring 2011 - North Mississippi

Vim & Vigor - Spring 2011 - North Mississippi
Table of Contents
Opening Thoughts
Pump It Up
Heart of the Matter
Every Minute Counts
A Workout for Every Mood
Don’t Fail Your Heart
If Your Bones Could Talk
Healthy Travels
Over 40 and Fabulous
Do-It-Yourself Health?
Fighting Words
Balancing Act
Giving & Getting
Brighten Up
Welcome Aboard
Catch the Spirit

Vim & Vigor - Spring 2011 - North Mississippi