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The the Minimally invasive procedure leaves Nettleton man feeling great without the usual scarring rt ea r H te at M of HOW IT WORKS 5-inch scar on his chest instead of the customary long incision. “The incision for a minimally invasive procedure is about one-third as long as traditional open-heart surgery,” Talton explains. “Many people are familiar with robotic surgery, which was developed about the same time, but the procedure we do actually requires an even smaller incision than robotic surgery. It’s even less invasive.” Talton, who is with Cardiothoracic Surgery Clinic of North Mississippi, has been performing this procedure for aortic valve repair and replacement since 2005 after training at Massachusetts General Hospital, which is affi liated with Harvard Medical School. He later trained at New York University for minimally invasive surgery to repair or replace the mitral valve, a similar procedure that uses different equipment. A t age 81, Frank Riley of Nettleton got a brand new heart valve but has little to show for it. And that’s a good thing. Riley, who retired in 1990 as owner and operator of a Nettleton service station, recently went for a checkup at a local clinic. After discouraging test results, he was referred to cardiologist Francisco Sierra, M.D., at Cardiology Associates of North Mississippi, who ordered two tests—an echocardiogram and an electrocardiogram—to see how Riley’s heart was functioning. “I had been feeling a little tired and a little short of breath,” Riley says, “but I figured that was expected at my age.” When a faulty mitral valve turned out to be the culprit, cardiothoracic surgeon David Talton, M.D., said Riley was a prime candidate for the minimally invasive procedure. Talton explained that he would make a small incision for the instruments and use a TV monitor to do the surgery. This technology left Riley with only a LESS IS MORE “I’m using the same techniques I’ve always used but with very small instruments,” Talton says. “The 6 Vim & Vigor · SP R I N G 2 011

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Vim & Vigor - Spring 2011 - North Mississippi
Table of Contents
Opening Thoughts
Pump It Up
Heart of the Matter
Every Minute Counts
A Workout for Every Mood
Don’t Fail Your Heart
If Your Bones Could Talk
Healthy Travels
Over 40 and Fabulous
Do-It-Yourself Health?
Fighting Words
Balancing Act
Giving & Getting
Brighten Up
Welcome Aboard
Catch the Spirit

Vim & Vigor - Spring 2011 - North Mississippi