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BY AMY LYNN SMITH TAKE AIM After a ministroke, these 7 steps can help keep your health on target aurie Giles knew something was wrong. In fact, she admits she knew instinctively she was having some kind of stroke. But she didn’t want to admit it to herself. “I felt completely out of sorts, very dazed and disoriented,” says Giles, whose attack happened about five years ago at age 45. “But I kept telling myself it was just stress or something and kept on going.” She even drove to her parents’ house about two miles away, where her father said, “What’s wrong with your face? Part of it’s drooping.” PHOTOGRAPHY BY THINKSTOCK L Vim & Vigor · SUM MER 2012 21

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Vim & Vigor - Summer 2012 - North Mississippi
Opening Thoughts
Big Gifts Come in Small Packages
A Voice of Experience
The Breakfast Club
Arthritis Answers
A TV Guide to Radiology
Take Aim
It Might NOT Be Cancer
Colin Firth
Step Up to the Plate
Life After Cancer
Get Dad to the Doc
Virtual Health
Point, Click, Discover
Ready to Serve
A Unique Kind of Doctor
Barbershop Talk
Catch the Spirit

Vim & Vigor - Summer 2012 - North Mississippi