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Ready to Serve W Volunteers willingly give the gift of their time hat if you could spend just a few hours a week on something that would make a huge impact on the lives of others while also improving your own health and well-being? According to Carla Enis, that is the definition of being a volunteer. Enis serves as volunteer director for North Mississippi Medical Center in Tupelo, and in the scope of services her department provides, there is something to fit every need and schedule. “Our volunteers come from all walks of life,” Enis says. “Some work, some are retired or between jobs, and some are students. There is definitely no such thing as a typical volunteer.” Some of the many options volunteers can choose from include: • Babysitting at Wellness Centers so parents can work out • Answering the phone at various information desks throughout the organization • Providing Critical Care Unit services • Assisting with Joint Replacement Center patient classes • Helping the newspaper delivery program • Delivering patient mail and email • Manning the Courtesy Cart, which delivers free coffee, water and snacks to waiting areas at the hospital • Helping out at Baldwyn Nursing Facility • Working in the therapy pool program at NMMCTupelo Outpatient Rehabilitation • Helping out at HealthWorks! what they are doing. They are happier and feel more connected to the community in which they live. Not to mention, studies have shown that people who volunteer live longer and are healthier. It is truly a feeling you get no other way.” Clara Jaggers of Pontotoc began volunteering at Pontotoc Wellness Center more than six years ago after working for 42 years as a hairdresser and salon owner. She was a member of Pontotoc Wellness Center and, after her husband passed away, director Jeanie Dale asked whether she would be interested in watching the members’ children. She told Dale, “I believe I would.” Jaggers volunteers in many areas. She babysits the children of Wellness Center members every Monday morning and helps with the senior exercise class, often inviting new participants from the community to the class. “I love doing it,” she says. “I love being with people.” “Clara believes in the mission of the Wellness Center and does everything she can do to help us deliver a high quality program to the community,” Dale says. Jaggers also volunteers at NMMC-Pontotoc, where she delivers juice and visits with nursing home patients. She was honored as North Mississippi Medical Center’s Volunteer of the Year for 2011–2012. MAking An iMpAct Mardell Nance serves her community by providing refreshments during the biweekly bingo game at Baldwyn Nursing Facility. She has been a volunteer for three years, and has enjoyed every minute of it. “I was going to visit friends, and then my aunt, on a daily basis, and I started realizing that I could make a difference in the quality of life of the residents,” Nance says. “I got to know another lady who volunteers there and she suggested it to me. I am there almost every day, but every Monday and Friday the A Bounty of Benefits “We are continuously looking for new volunteers,” Enis says. “There are an abundance of volunteer opportunities at the main unit in Tupelo, but opportunities also exist anywhere that we have a hospital or Wellness Center.” Benefits of volunteering far outweigh the time given. “After they have been volunteering for a while, all our volunteers say that they feel so good about 50 Vim & Vigor • Sum m er 2 012

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Vim & Vigor - Summer 2012 - North Mississippi
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Vim & Vigor - Summer 2012 - North Mississippi