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Vein Attrac Relax. Treatments to keep your veins healthy have never been better and easier to access W ith heart disease so prevalent, clogged arteries get much of the spotlight. But veins, too, get clogged (more often than arteries) and sometimes cause serious problems. Fortunately, University of Virginia Health System has the expertise to treat the wide array of vein conditions. DEDICATED UVA VEIN CLINIC Treatment for vein conditions has grown more effective in recent years. And for those in central Virginia, it’s now easier than ever to access the vascular surgeons, interventional radiologists and other experts who treat these conditions. UVA recently opened a dedicated Vein Clinic at its Northridge Medical Park. “We’re excited about this clinic because it brings to one convenient location all of the services that we’ve been providing for these conditions but were 4 Vim & Vigor · SUM M ER 2 012

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Vim & Vigor - Summer 2012 - University of Virginia
Life in Balance
Healthy Dose
Vein Attraction
A Clear Focus on Fibroids
Compassionate Care
The Breakfast Club
Arthritis Answers
A TV Guide to Radiology
Take Aim
It Might NOT Be Cancer
Colin Firth
Step Up to the Plate
Life After Cancer
Get Dad to the Doc
Virtual Health
In Her Element
A Virginia Man Climbs Above Heart Attack and Heart Failure
Too Young for a Stroke? Think Again

Vim & Vigor - Summer 2012 - University of Virginia