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The medicine of tomorrow is here today THE FUTURE IS BY LORI K. BAKER F N W or a glimpse of what your healthcare will look like in the future, meet Eric Topol, M.D., a cardiologist and an author who not only writes about futuristic mobile health devices but also uses them. experiment humorously backfired. His wife looked at the Zeo device, noted he was in a wake cycle and said, “Eric, I know you’re awake, and I’d like to talk.” Topol says he learned that “it’s hard to play possum with a sensor displaying your real-time brain waves.” From bathroom scales that tweet your weight to friends (but who’d want one?) to wearable robots that enable people with spinal cord injuries to walk again, we live in a brave new world of healthcare. He continuously checks his blood sugar with an implantable meter that acts as the ultimate snack deterrent. “Now when I see a cookie, I ask myself, ‘Do I really want my blood glucose level to shoot up, or should I just not go there?’ ” he says. He has gone to bed wearing a headband connected to a Zeo Sleep Manager device that monitors brain function and analyzes sleep patterns. But when he tried to fake sleep to ignore his wife’s bedtime chatter, the

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Vim & Vigor - Winter 2012 - University of Virginia
Life in Balance
Reveal a More Vibrant You
A Winning Hand
Because I Said So!
What’s Wrong with This Picture?
The Future Is Now
Everyday Hero
What Does 200 Calories Look Like?
Johnny Be Good
In the Driver’s Seat
We’ve Got Your Back
Bank on Your Health
Virtual Health
Through Snow, Rain or Any Obstacle
A Father’s Gift
Be a Model Patient

Vim & Vigor - Winter 2012 - University of Virginia