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w Top three ways to maximize face time with your physician Be a Model Patient omen, especially, fill many roles. At some point, we may be caregiver, breadwinner, daughter, mother, spouse or volunteer—or all of the above. Being a patient is one role we all share no matter our stage of life. Being a good one takes a little effort—but offers great rewards by translating into better health. “The patient and physician share the responsibility of a successful office visit,” says Cindy Westley, R.N., program manager of patient and family education at University of Virginia Health System. When you do your part, your provider is better equipped to do hers. To ensure you’re holding up your end of the bargain, follow Westley’s tips: 1 Be open and honest. Communication is priority No. 1. Talk openly with your physician, even if some things are uncomfortable to discuss. “Doctors need to understand why you’re there, so don’t wait until the end of the appointment to reveal what is truly bothering you,” Westley says. > Vim & Vigor • Wi nter 2012 By Holly Ford 55

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Vim & Vigor - Winter 2012 - University of Virginia
Life in Balance
Reveal a More Vibrant You
A Winning Hand
Because I Said So!
What’s Wrong with This Picture?
The Future Is Now
Everyday Hero
What Does 200 Calories Look Like?
Johnny Be Good
In the Driver’s Seat
We’ve Got Your Back
Bank on Your Health
Virtual Health
Through Snow, Rain or Any Obstacle
A Father’s Gift
Be a Model Patient

Vim & Vigor - Winter 2012 - University of Virginia