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Transforming HealtHcare Know What’s Wrong in No Time C ommitted to transforming healthcare, Gwinnett Medical Center employs the latest technologies to identify health problems sooner and make treatments more effective—technologies such as the 128-slice, 4-D Siemens SOMATOM Definition Edge with the revolutionary Stellar Detector. As the first fully integrated detector designed to minimize electronic noise, it takes computed tomography (CT) imaging where it has never gone before. The Edge CT system offers high image quality, reduced radiation and faster scans. It is equipped to handle any clinical setting, and it is well-suited for the challenges of the Emergency Department. “With ever-growing patient volumes, hospital demand is increasing for more efficient and cost-effective imaging solutions,” says Becky Weidler, RN, MN, CEN, FNP-C, manager of emergency services at GMC. “With these escalating needs in mind, GMC is the first hospital system to offer the Edge in the Emergency Department of a Level II trauma center.” This revolutionary scanner brings the advanced capabilities of CT diagnostics to more people than ever before. Cancer patients. Studying these crystal-clear, 4-D “movies” from all angles helps oncologists detect even smaller tumors, precisely assess the extent of the disease GMC’s 4-D Siemens SOMATOM Definition Edge CT scanner offers high image quality, reduced radiation and faster scans. 56 Fa l l 2 013 oNliNe Super-fast imaging scanner leads to quicker diagnoses and quicker treatments Discover the GMC Difference Gwinnett Medical Center is proud to offer high-quality, state-of-the-art imaging equipment, providing people with safe, reliable care that goes above and beyond what is available at many area outpatient imaging centers. Visit for more. and visualize potential metastasis. It also helps pinpoint accurate radiation therapy and determine whether the cancer is responding to treatment. Cardiovascular patients. This scanner intelligently adapts to each patient’s internal rhythm and, in a single heartbeat, provides intricate details of the whole heart, brain and blood flow through the veins and arteries. After studying these moving scenes from all angles, physicians can eliminate risky delays for invasive studies, reduce time to diagnosis and speed treatment of disease at its earliest stages. Stroke patients. Physicians can get a 4-D CT perfusion of the whole brain and its intricate network of veins and arteries. Within minutes, physicians can study crystalclear, moving scenes of blood flow from all angles— allowing faster, more reliable assessments that can save lives and limit permanent brain damage. Bariatrics patients. Patients benefit from a better design and a more powerful detector. GMC also uses the Siemens Combined Applications to Reduce Exposure (CARE) 4-D dose reduction technology to give patients access to a full range of diagnostic imaging services with less radiation exposure. The CARE 4-D radiation exposure control system adjusts the radiation dose in real time according to the area of the body being scanned. “Using medical imaging technologies is a vital tool in healthcare,” says Karen Kubik, RT(R), director of imaging services at Gwinnett Medical Center. “Being able to use equipment that reduces radiation exposure is of great benefit and safety to our patients and staff. Using the SOMATOM Definition Edge CT scanner combined with the CARE 4-D system allows GMC to provide patients with improved diagnostic accuracy with less risk.”

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Vim & Vigor - Fall 2013 - Gwinnett Medical Center
Phil’s Feature
Kind and Generous
How Can We Help?
Step It Up
Your Mightiest Muscle
Well, Well, Well
Are You Doing More Harm Than Good?
Is Your Shut-Eye Serving You Well?
Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge
Anatomy of an ER Visit
Next-Gen Surgery
Attack from Within
Virtual Health
PrimeTime Health
Clear Passage
New Life with New Knees
Out of the White Coat
Transforming Healthcare

Vim & Vigor - Fall 2013 - Gwinnett Medical Center