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How Can we Help? Patient navigators guide people through the complex world of diagnosis, treatment and recovery “Y ou have cancer.” When you or a family member hears those words, you may have any number of feelings, or you won’t know where to start. You can be assured that you are not alone, because Gwinnett Medical Center has Jennifer Griffin, an American Cancer Society (ACS) patient resource navigator; Sheila Warren, a women’s health navigator; Gretchen Hayward, a diagnostic breast navigator; and Donna Stoudenmire, a breast health navigator. All of GMC’s navigators are committed to offering each patient great personal service. GMC believes knowledge is power. It is committed to providing all of the tools and resources—education, highly skilled staff, state-of-the-art technology and personalized care—that people need to take charge of their health and make the choices that are right for them. So how can GMC help? Jennifer Griffin, American Cancer Society Patient resource navigator For decades, Jennifer Griffin has helped patients navigate the often-intimidating world of healthcare. In 2009, she received her certification as an ACS patient resource navigator, serving as a liaison for all cancer patients. She ensures that patients’ total needs are met by providing them and their caregivers the essential link between the American 6 Fa l l 2 013 Cancer Society, Gwinnett Medical Center and other services, all while offering a personal, caring touch. “When a patient is diagnosed with cancer, their entire world is turned upside down,” Griffin says. “They often have questions about treatment options, their diagnosis and simply what they need to do next. I am there to reassure them and offer them the guidance they need and want every step of the way. I am their advocate, friend and support system.” The role of the patient navigator is to listen to, list and address the concrete needs of patients and caregivers (transportation, financial assistance, etc.). She identifies and links each need to available ACS, GMC and community resources, then assists with practical problem solving. Griffin meets with her patients one-on-one and addresses their situations. She is there to help patients learn about their cancer and treatment options, help them find transportation and lodging if needed, as well as help answer questions they may have about financial and insurance concerns. As a licensed cosmetologist and appearance specialist, Griffin provides wig cuts and styles, as well as haircuts to patients before and during their treatment through the ACS “Look Good … Feel Better” program held monthly at GMC. This is a free, personalized session designed to help women undergoing cancer treatment cope with appearance-related side effects of cancer treatment so that they look and feel their best. Patients learn about makeup, skin care and nail care and ways to deal with their hair loss, including wigs, turbans and scarves. Griffin works closely with each patient’s care team to ensure that the patient’s needs and wants are being met.

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Vim & Vigor - Fall 2013 - Gwinnett Medical Center
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Kind and Generous
How Can We Help?
Step It Up
Your Mightiest Muscle
Well, Well, Well
Are You Doing More Harm Than Good?
Is Your Shut-Eye Serving You Well?
Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge
Anatomy of an ER Visit
Next-Gen Surgery
Attack from Within
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PrimeTime Health
Clear Passage
New Life with New Knees
Out of the White Coat
Transforming Healthcare

Vim & Vigor - Fall 2013 - Gwinnett Medical Center