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What Are the NCES A H ? C Smoking, tanning, grilling your food—find out just how risky these behaviors are when it comes to cancer I B Y J I L L SC H I L DHOUS E 34 SPRING 2 013 PHOTOGRAPHY BY GETTY IMAGES t seems as though everywhere you turn, you hear about another thing in your life that might cause you cancer. Deodorant. Cellphones. Plastic food containers. It all sounds a little ridiculous, doesn’t it? Believe it or not, the researchers behind the claims aren’t trying to scare you—or annoy you— to death. They’re trying to help you understand the risks so you can adequately protect yourself. But before you can go about protecting yourself, it’s important to understand exactly which objects and behaviors are actually harmful and which aren’t. Let’s explore some common behaviors, and determine which ones are most closely tied to cancer, with level 5 being highest risk.

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Vim & Vigor - Spring 2013 - Gwinnett Medical Center
Phil’s Feature
Where Lasting Weight Loss Begins
Open Heart Surgery Journey
You’re the Star
Lighten Up!
Have No Fear
Work It!
Diane Keaton
What Are the Chances?
9 Symptoms Never to Ignore
When Allergies Attack
Virtual Health
PrimeTime Health
Aiding Babies
Back on Top
Out of the White Coat
Transforming Healthcare

Vim & Vigor - Spring 2013 - Gwinnett Medical Center