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Put to the For heart trouble, a new kind of stress test and other advanced imaging tools can bring definitive answers By Kelly Casey TesT N ot long after turning 50, Kenneth Redmon of Rupert, W.Va., started having chest pain—about the same age that his father’s heart trouble had started. Redmon was understandably worried, as his father died of heart failure by his mid-50s. After a standard nuclear stress test and echocardiogram showed that his heart looked OK, his local cardiologist suggested he sit tight and see how his symptoms responded or go to UVA Health System for further testing. Redmon chose the UVA route. He had a PET (positron emission tomography) stress test, which showed significant blockages in his main heart arteries. He needed stents placed to open them up before they caused a major heart attack. “I feel like if I hadn’t gone to UVA and I had waited, I would have never made it,” Redmon says. “I was already having pain in my chest and it was radiating up in my jaw. That’s kind of a telltale sign to look out that something’s coming.” Next GeNeratioN of DiaGNostic tools Advanced imaging tools such as cardiac PET, MR (magnetic resonance) imaging and CT (computed tomography) can bring answers to heart patients when standard tests aren’t enough. What’s also exciting about these tools is that they are noninvasive and fast and require no or very low doses of radiation. We turned to the UVA radiology and cardiology experts, who specialize in these tools, to learn how important they are for patients like Redmon. “For patients with chest pain, often the first test is a stress test, usually with imaging like a stress nuclear SPECT [single photon emission computed tomography] or stress echocardiography [which takes pictures using sound waves]. Both have a long track record of success but both have their limitations,” says Christopher Kramer, MD, a member of the UVA Noninvasive Cardiovascular Imaging team that brings together cardiovascular radiologists and cardiologists. “At UVA, we offer those tests but also have more advanced options.” > Summ er 2013 5

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Vim & Vigor - Summer 2013 - University of Virginia
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Vim & Vigor - Summer 2013 - University of Virginia