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Defy Your Age A Charlottesville woman turned her 6th decade into her strongest and sexiest ever. Learn her secrets BY KELLY CASEY A career in the U.S. Foreign Service took Helene Rosenberg around the world. For years, she traveled far and wide to help in the aftermath of natural disasters or wars. “Sometimes, I’d get off the plane and couldn’t remember if I was in Japan or the United States,” she says. It was an exciting, but exhausting, career. So she retired at 50 and, not surprisingly, moved to Charlottesville. “When you travel that much, it is very stressful,” she says. “I was so happy to come to Charlottesville. It’s such a different pace.” But not long after settling down, she faced a new battle: Knee pain was making it difficult to play tennis and even walk. The images of her knee joints didn’t look good. But her doctor at UVA Health System encouraged her to hold off on joint replacement and first try strengthening the muscles around her knees. Knowing that an artificial joint would likely last only 20 years—and with the goal of living well into her 90s—Rosenberg decided to take the path of getting stronger. Today, at 66, she is a competitive swimmer; a regular on the Boar’s Head tennis courts; and a size 10 (“I’m sexier than ever,” she says). What’s her secret? She set a fitness goal, enjoys regular workouts and seeks out supportive health professionals. > 54 SU M M E R 2 013

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Vim & Vigor - Summer 2013 - University of Virginia
Life in Balance
Are Hot Flashes Disrupting Your Life?
Put to the Test
The Ultimate Back-to-School Checklist
Join the Movement
Stroke Stories
5 Steps to Better Bone Health
Gut Instinct
Morgan Freeman
Prostate Playbook
The Main Ingredient
Looking Ahead
Virtual Health
Mind Shift
Inspired Running
Defy Your Age

Vim & Vigor - Summer 2013 - University of Virginia