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VIRTUAL HEALTH BY LAURIE DAVIES Hysterectomy? There's an App for That One in three women will have a hysterectomy by age 60. One in three cellphone users seeks health information through mobile devices. It only stands to reason there would be overlap between the two groups. Enter, the HysterSisters app. Women seeking hysterectomy support can download the free HysterSisters Hysterectomy Support app for iPhone and Android mobile devices. The app opens up a virtual world of woman-to-woman hysterectomy support, including an online support community, a symptom tracker diary and weekly reminders for preparing and recovering from surgery. Visit The ABCs of Diabetes 46 WINTE R 2 013 can help to markedly reduce the incidence of heart disease in those with type 2 diabetes," she adds. The good news is, more people with diabetes in the U.S. are getting a handle on all three-up to 19 percent in 2010 from a paltry 2 percent in 1988. The bad news, according to the national institutes of Health, is that eight in 10 people who have diabetes still are not managing one or more of the ABCs. "The fact that we've increased from 2 percent to 19 percent is great," Hartley says, "but there is much more room for growth." Education & Training for All Things Diabetes Have you been diagnosed with diabetes and want to learn more? Visit gwinnett diabetes to learn about programs at GMC. PHOTOGRAPHY BY THINKSTOCK AND HYSTERSISTERS Dealing with diabetes isn't baby stuff, but ABC is an easy way to remember three important aspects of the disease: A1C, blood pressure and cholesterol. A1C is a test that measures your blood sugar levels over two to three months. "Controlling your blood sugar is the most important thing you can do to prevent long-term complications of microvascular diseases, such as kidney, eye and nerve disease," says Cris Hartley, RD, CDe, manager of the Diabetes & nutrition education Center at Gwinnett Medical Center. As for the B and C? "if you can control a person's blood pressure and cholesterol, you online

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Vim & Vigor - Winter 2013 - Gwinnett Medical Center
Phil’s Feature
Heartfelt Purpose
Not Too Busy to Beat Cancer
Got Excuses?
Managing Your Health with a DIY Tool Kit
Is It the Stress Talking?
The Wonderful World of Greens
Knee-to-Know Basics
On the Cover
Run for Your Life
14 Good-for-You Gifts
Special Delivery
Virtual Health
PrimeTime Health
Inspired Giving
Heads Full of Hope
Out of the White
Transforming Healthcare

Vim & Vigor - Winter 2013 - Gwinnett Medical Center