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CONTENTS SPECIAL The Weight Is Over 4 DEPARTMENTS 2 Opening Thoughts NMMC and NMHS are ranked among the nation's best healthcare resources and employers. 46 Virtual Health Supportive apps, one supersmart heart chart and the world's most clever piece of cutlery. 56 Catch the Spirit Learn how NMMC's Spirit of Women encourages women to live, laugh and learn. Patients who have reached their weight loss goals turn to North Mississippi Medical Center's plastic surgeons to achieve their ideal body. 8 10 14 18 20 COVER PHOTO BY ARMANDO GALLO 25 FEATURES For Your Convenience Clip and save our guide to extended hours clinics operated by North Mississippi Medical Clinics. Got Excuses? Skipping your screenings may be putting your health in danger. Stop with the excuses and put on that gown. Managing Your Health with a DIY Tool Kit Apps and gizmos that can help control diabetes and heart disease. Is It the Stress Talking? From heartburn to breakouts, here's how anxiety may be playing fast and loose with your health. The Wonderful World of Greens Green vegetables can strengthen bones, sharpen your vision, even prevent birth defects. Eat up. Knee-to-Know Basics This joint keeps you jumping-and walking, climbing and moving. Let's see how it operates. 34 38 42 49 52 54 Run for Your Life With a cancer diagnosis, exercising may be the last thing on your agenda. Here's why to reconsider. 14 Good-for-You Gifts These holiday presents will make every one on your gift list feel better inside and out. Special Delivery And you thought choosing your baby's name was tough. Here are three other important birth decisions. A Special Kind of Care NMMC Women's Hospital is the first in north Mississippi to offer Maternal Fetal Medicine, specialized care for patients who haven't even been born yet. High Marks Three NMMC hospitals-Iuka, Pontotoc and Tupelo-receive national recognition for providing safe, efficient and effective care. A Dose of Prevention Patients are turning to the Wellness Center to prevent future illness. ON THE COVER 28 After 17 years of a daily pack-and-a-half habit, it was love that persuaded one of Hollywood's true nice guys to put down the cigarettes. For inspiration, advice and a boy-meets-girl romance, see how Matt Damon quit smoking-and how you can tackle it yourself. WI NTER 2013 1

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Vim & Vigor - Winter 2013 - North Mississippi
Opening Thoughts
The Weight Is Over
For Your Convenience
Got Excuses?
Managing Your Health with a DIY Tool Kit
Is It the Stress Talking?
The Wonderful World of Greens
Knee-to-Know Basics
On the Cover
Run for Your Life
14 Good-for-You Gifts
Special Delivery
Virtual Health
A Special Kind of Care
High Marks
A Dose of Prevention
Catch the Spirit

Vim & Vigor - Winter 2013 - North Mississippi