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A Dose of Prevention Patients are turning to the Wellness Center to ward off future health problems A family history of heart disease and degenerative spine disease made Gail Foote of West Point take her health seriously. "My dad had five heart attacks and the fifth killed him," Foote says. "My mom's spine problems led to three back surgeries-but worse, a lot of pain and debilitation in her last few years. I realized I needed to do something because I don't want my later years to put me in the situation that my mom was in. I knew I needed to be working out with weights and stretching." When Foote and her husband, Danny, moved back to West Point in September 2012, one of the first things they did was join the North Mississippi Medical Center-West Point Wellness Center. "We were really impressed with the nice facility and phenomenal staff," she says. "We met with a trainer to 54 WINTE R 2 013 Call Danny and Gail Foote What Do You Have to Lose? For more information, call the Wellness Center nearest you or 800-THE DESK (800-843-3375), or visit help us get started on the right foot. Danny tends to make excuses to skip a workout, so he uses a personal trainer three times a week to keep him on track." Making Progress Danny Foote's relationship with a personal trainer at the Wellness Center has been particularly beneficial since January. "Eight years ago I ruptured a disk in my neck," he says. "I had a series of epidurals and it got better. But then I woke up one morning with more pain and eventually had to have surgery in January." After surgery, he couldn't do anything for about a month while he recovered. "My muscles atrophied and my left arm became really weak," he says. "Apparently a disk had been pressing on a nerve in my spinal cord that left my arm almost useless." Once his surgeon gave him clearance to start exercising again, he started working with his trainer, Ken Ashford, again. "Ken keeps me reined in-making sure I don't try to lift more than is safe," he says. "I started out only able to lift

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Vim & Vigor - Winter 2013 - North Mississippi
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Vim & Vigor - Winter 2013 - North Mississippi