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Gifts T G A fruitcakefree gift guide that wraps up healthy living in a pretty package BY AMANDA KIPPERT R-YOU D - FO OO hey say the best gifts come from the heart, which is half true. The best gifts are also kind to the heart, not to mention the lungs, the brain-you get the idea. » This holiday season, instead of giving cat-embroidered sweaters to your giftees, why not look for presents that encourage health and wellness? That doesn't have to be mean bricks of green tea and gym memberships (in fact, the latter might send a not-so-kind message). » Instead, take a look at these creative, health-related gift finds for every person on your list.  1 FOR THE RUNNER WHO NEEDS MOTIVATION Athletic geeks (wait, is that even possible?) will love Sportiiiis, a little gadget that clips to their sunglasses and, using color LED lights and voice prompts, keeps them on track. It relays heart rate, speed and cadence goals so they can keep their eyes on the prize. $149.99, 2 FOR THE SOIL-GARDENER CHALLENGED A battery-powered garden? Believe it. No watering, no fertilizer needed to grow mini tomatoes, chili peppers or fresh herbs-perfect additions to a pal's meal plan. All she needs is this starter kit and two AA batteries. $79, 38 WINTE R 2 013

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Vim & Vigor - Winter 2013 - University of Virginia
Life in Balance
Is a Low-Salt Diet Good for Everyone?
Have You Done Your Monthly Breast Self-Exam Lately?
Waiting for a Heart
Got Excuses?
Managing Your Health with a DIY Tool Kit
Is It the Stress Talking?
The Wonderful World of Greens
Knee-to-Know Basics
On the Cover
Run for Your Life
14 Good-for-You Gifts
Special Delivery
Virtual Health
A Childhood Interrupted by Cancer
Cupcake Wars

Vim & Vigor - Winter 2013 - University of Virginia