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Contents FALL 2014 THE BIG STORY 3 easy ways to cook fall's go-to veggie PAGE 54 IN EVERY ISSUE FEATURES 4 Special Delivery x 4 NMMC Women's Hospital welcomes its third set of quads, under the care and supervision of a maternal fetal medicine specialist, neonatologists, NICU staff and others. 9 10 The Great American Family Tuneup Could your clan use a health check? Call in the Family Good Morning America host Robin Roberts has a lot to be grateful for- including one very special sister. 14 Eat, Play, Love How to help your partner (and you) stay healthy, happy and strong: a guide to fast food; 10 steps to a happier heart; and getting him to screenings with a smile. 22 32 33 10 Takeaways for Your Family Your Rx cheat sheet. Community Report 46 50 52 54 56 Opening Thoughts Catch the Spirit This Just In The Truth About: Flu Shots Healthy Buys: Planet Pink Quiz: Freak Out or Chill Out? At a Glance: Refrigerator Rehab In the Market: Butternut Squash Health by the Numbers: Back to School Senior Strong What's better for your health, a cat or a dog? PAGE 42 Girl Talk 7 Do you have an elderly parent who should be building muscle strength? This at-home workout is just the ticket. 26 If you're the family health nudge, we've got tips to ease the load. PAGE 14 2 40 41 44 Even if your teenager would never go to you for health advice, we'll tell you what's on her mind. Find out what we accomplished in 2013. Bringing Dreams to Life Fertility specialist opens clinic in Tupelo and provides more convenient access to couples struggling with infertility. COVER PHOTO BY MELANIE DUNEA/CPI SYNDICATION FALL 2014 1

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Vim & Vigor - Fall 2014 - North Mississippi