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Contents FALL 2014 THE BIG STORY 3 easy ways to cook fall's go-to veggie PAGE 54 IN EVERY ISSUE FEATURES 6 Improving the Odds With a discouraging 5 percent survival rate, pancreatic cancer is tough to beat, but we see more survivors in the future. 9 10 The Great American Family Tuneup Could your clan use a health check? Call in the Family Good Morning America host Robin Roberts has a lot to be grateful for- including one very special sister. 14 Eat, Play, Love How to help your partner (and you) stay healthy, happy and strong: a guide to fast food; 10 steps to a happier heart; and getting him to screenings with a smile. 22 Senior Strong Do you have an elderly parent who should be building muscle strength? This at-home workout is just the ticket. 26 Girl Talk Even if your teenager would never go to you for health advice, we'll tell you what's on her mind. 32 10 Takeaways for Your Family Your Rx cheat sheet. If you're the family health nudge, we've got tips to ease the load. PAGE 14 36 Close Call Actor Jim Malloy was only pretending to have an abdominal aortic aneurysm. But a UVA medical student noticed his symptoms were for real. 38 The Contagious Effects of Volunteering A UVA nurse finds her calling onboard the world's largest charity medical ship. Find your calling closer to home. 2 3 4 40 41 44 46 50 52 54 56 Life in Balance Ask the Expert: Hip Pain Healthy Dose Make 1 Change This Just In The Truth About: Flu Shots Healthy Buys: Planet Pink Quiz: Freak Out or Chill Out? At a Glance: Refrigerator Rehab In the Market: Butternut Squash Health by the Numbers: Back to School What's better for your health, a cat or a dog? PAGE 42 33 Unraveling a Medical Mystery Adrian Chance almost died twice in his sleep. But thanks to the quick action of his wife and the determination of UVA doctors, he can rest easy again. COVER PHOTO BY MELANIE DUNEA/CPI SYNDICATION FALL 2014 1

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Vim & Vigor - Fall 2014 - University of Virginia