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Staying ahead of ConC I t's gut-wrenching to see your child crash on the soccer field or collide on the baseball diamond. Although contact sports, such as football, have been in the news regarding concussion risk, this type of head injury can also result from running into another child, the ground, a wall or a goalpost-or even a fall from a bicycle or a skateboard. Before you can help your child, you need to know the facts. Here's our guide to concussion. What Is a ConCussIon? onlIne "First, let me tell you what it's not," says Marla Shapiro, PhD, NCSP, a neuropsychologist at the Concussion Institute at Gwinnett Medical Center- Duluth. "It's not something you should 'walk off,' and it's not necessarily a period of unconsciousness. "A concussion is a traumatic brain injury, caused by a bump or blow-usually to the head-that is hard enough to disrupt the metabolic functioning of the brain," Dr. Shapiro adds. "All concussions are serious, including those that occur without loss of consciousness." Young people, especially teenagers, appear to be more vulnerable to the effects of concussion. Introducing the Concussion Institute 4 SPRING 2 014 photo by thinkstock Since 2005, the Sports Medicine Program at GMC-Duluth has provided comprehensive care including concussion testing and educational events as well as certified athletic trainers for professional teams, recreational leagues and high schools. The Concussion Institute is the newest addition to the program. To learn more about the Concussion Institute, visit concussion or call 678-312-7880.

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Vim & Vigor - Spring 2014 - Gwinnett Medical Center
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Staying Ahead of Concussions
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You Can Change the World
Out of the White Coat
Transforming Healthcare

Vim & Vigor - Spring 2014 - Gwinnett Medical Center