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LIFE IN BALANCE Limit Your Risk A FAMILY HEALTH MAGAZINE FROM THE UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA HEALTH SYSTEM Heart-protecting tips for people who have diabetes To update your address, send Vim & Vigor to a friend or access the I magazine online, go to or call 888-882-9892. Vice President and Chief Executive Officer, t's a frightening fact: People who have type 2 diabetes have the same risk of heart attack and dying from heart disease as people who already have had heart attacks.* As an endocrinologist, I see the devastating effect of diabetes on many of my patients who don't keep their blood sugar at healthy levels. It doesn't have to be this way. I'd like to introduce Angela Taylor, MD. As a cardiologist, she's part of the clinical team at UVA Diabetes Cardiovascular Clinic. Her mission is to help prevent life-threatening heart disease. A big part of that is preventing or reversing diabetes. Dr. Taylor shares her simple ways to help keep your blood sugar levels at a healthy range. University of Virginia Medical Center R. Edward Howell Marketing Director Chris Sullivan Regional Editor Kelly Casey Regional Art Director Diane Butler PRODUCTION Editorial Editor-in-Chief: Sally Kilbridge Editors: Erin Feeney, Matt Morgan, Ellen Olson, Tom Weede Copy Editor: C.J. Hutchinson Design Chief Art Director: Tami Rodgers ANGELA TAYLOR, MD If you haven't already, it's important to have your primary care provider test your fasting glucose (sugar) levels. Like blood pressure and cholesterol, these numbers give you a glimpse into how well your metabolic system is functioning. If your glucose levels are high, then take time to examine your entire dietary intake. Think of foods high in fat (fast food) and processed carbohydrates and sugar (almost anything that comes in a box) as treats to enjoy only occasionally. You may think diet soda is a good way to reduce sugar intake, but, in fact, it can increase your risk for diabetes. On a daily basis, enjoy fruits, vegetables and nuts. Because each of these comes in so many varieties, have fun exploring new ones. And if you are able, work up to 30 minutes a day of exercise. A brisk walk instead of TV time after dinner can make a huge impact on your health. Stress is another major risk factor for women. So often, women get stuck in a rut of taking care of everyone else and not taking care of themselves. In our clinic, we encourage women to make their well-being a priority. Thanks for the insight, Dr. Taylor. If you're already struggling with diabetes or prediabetes, don't miss the article on page 6, which explores an effective drugfree approach to treatment. The program's cornerstone is physical activity. I have seen firsthand with my patients that exercise is the best way to prevent or reverse diabetes. UVA research has even found that exercise can reduce blood sugar levels up to 48 hours-four times longer than a pill or insulin injection. Susan Kirk, MD University of Virginia Health System 2 SPRING 2 014 *According to the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute. Art Directors: Andrea Heser, Rod Karmenzind, Kay Morrow Production Senior Production Manager: Laura Marlowe Special Projects Coordinator: Jenny Babich Imaging Specialist: Dane Nordine Production Technology Specialists: Julie Chan, Sonia Fitzgerald Circulation VP/Business Intelligence Group: Patrick Kehoe Postal Affairs & Logistics Director: Joseph Abeyta CLIENT SERVICES Chief Client Officer: Beth Tomkiw VP/Client Services & Strategy: Paul Peterson Account Managers: Carey Ballard, Annika Honkanen, Lauren Keeton, Gerry Kubek, Mendy Metcalf, Barbara Mohr, Ryan Smeets ADMINISTRATION Chief Executive Officer: Matthew J. Petersen Chief Operating Officer: Fred Petrovsky Executive VP/Sales: Chad Rose, 888-626-8779 VP/Content: Jeff Ficker Creative Director: Marc Oxborrow Vim & Vigor Founder: J. Barry Johnson Chairman Emeritus: Preston V. McMurry Jr. PO Box 800224 Charlottesville, VA 22908 Vim & Vigor,TM Spring 2014, Volume 30, Number 1, is published quarterly by McMurry/TMG, LLC, 1010 E. Missouri Ave., Phoenix, AZ 85014, 602-395-5850. Vim & VigorTM is published for the purpose of disseminating health-related information for the well-being of the general public and its subscribers. The information contained in Vim & VigorTM is not intended for the purpose of diagnosing or prescribing. Please consult your physician before undertaking any form of medical treatment and/or adopting any exercise program or dietary guidelines. Vim & VigorTM does not accept advertising promoting the consumption of alcohol or tobacco. Copyright © 2014 by McMurry/TMG, LLC. All rights reserved. Subscriptions in U.S.: $4 for one year (4 issues). Single copies: $2.95. For subscriptions and address changes, write: Circulation Manager, Vim & Vigor,TM 1010 E. Missouri Ave., Phoenix, AZ 85014.

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Vim & Vigor - Spring 2014 - University of Virginia
Life in Balance
Healthy Dose
Humble Yet World Famous
Taming Diabetes Without Drugs
Occupational Hazards
The New Rules of Play
Shopping for Two
Back to Basics
Burn, Baby, Burn
Angelina Jolie
Rock Your Health
Breaking Up with Salt
Disgusting! (or Not?)
Virtual Health
Make an Informed Decision
Hitting the Jackpot
Caring for an Aging Parent?

Vim & Vigor - Spring 2014 - University of Virginia