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Contents SPRING 2015 THE BIG STORY How to cook Popeye's favorite veggie PAGE 54 Studies show that people often save the happiest years for last. PAGE 16 IN EVERY ISSUE FEATURES 6 Time to Leave Home? Not necessarily! Thanks to a local program, older adults can receive all the benefits of a nursing facility but stay in their familiar surroundings. 9 Age Is Just a Number Past your prime? Maybe not. See some amazing achievements by older folks. 10 The Long View Despite a serious eye condition, actress Judi Dench is determined to do what she loves at age 80 and beyond. 14 You: Part 2 Life is full of surprises, and they don't stop when you're on the other side of 50. 22 Going Through the Motions Our joints endure a lifetime of bending, twisting and rotating. Here's how to keep them in top shape. 28 Your Last Chapter: Expressing End-of-Life Wishes It's something that no one wants to think about, but everyone needs to. 36 Boy Gets a New Grip on Life Connor was born without thumbs. But since surgery at UVA, the 2-year-old can effortlessly pick up his favorite Cheerios. 38 Timing Is Everything Sixty years after his open-heart surgery at UVA, Mark Wolf returns for more pioneering cardiac care. 2 Life in Balance 3 Healthy Dose 4 Ask the Expert: Fixing Leaks 5 Make 1 Change: Stand Up More! 42 This Just In 44 The Truth About Allergies 46 Healthy Buys: Golden Gifts 50 Quiz: Freak Out or Chill Out? 52 At a Glance: Smoke Alarm 54 In the Market: Spinach 56 Health by the Numbers: Focus on Fertility Can too much gaming cause osteoarthritis? PAGE 43 33 Living in the Now There is no cure for his type of cancer, but Jim Bryant doesn't let the disease get him down. COVER PHOTO BY NEIL TINGLE-ALLSTAR-GLOBE PHOTOS INC. SPRING 2015 1

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Vim & Vigor - Spring 2015 - University of Virginia