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Contents SUMMER 2015 THE BIG STORY IN EVERY ISSUE Decoding the mind: normal feelings or a sign to seek help? PAGE 16 FEATURES 6 22 9 54 2 Life in Balance 3 Healthy Dose 4 Ask the Expert: Concussions 101 5 Make 1 Change: Savor Every Bite 33 This Just In 38 The Truth About Germs 40 How To: Stop a Headache 42 Quiz: Freak Out or Chill Out? 44 At a Glance: Sizing Up MIS 46 In the Market: Tomatoes 48 Health by the Numbers: Heartbreaking Statistics 28 Go with Your Gut The connection between gut health and emotional well-being is strong. So feed yourself to a happier mood! Mental Illness: More Common Than You Think You might be surprised by the prevalence of mental illness in the United States. 10 Bending Perceptions Soccer star David Beckham achieves stellar success in spite of obsessivecompulsive disorder. The Stroke Handbook A complete guide to understanding stroke risks, symptoms and what it takes for a successful recovery. Boosting the Brain Supplements are said to fight dementia, improve memory and more. But can a pill really help your brain? 52 14 A Healthy Mind The mind is a powerful thing, and that's not all in your head. Cancer Late in Life Having this disease in the golden years brings a host of challenges. There is a great deal to consider-and a new UVA clinic to turn to. 50-Year Milestone Married a halfcentury, this Culpeper couple have been through a lot, including two brushes with lung cancer. Can supplements boost your brain? PAGE 28 49 Facing Dementia Head-On John Perrygo and his wife are doing all the right things to keep his memories from fading because of Alzheimer's. COVER PHOTO BY MICHELE EVE SANDBERG/CORBIS SUMME R 2015 1

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Vim & Vigor - Summer 2015 - University of Virginia