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Contents WINTER 2015 THE BIG STORY Behold the power of the sweet potato PAGE 46 Keep the holidays merry by staying in good health. IN EVERY ISSUE PAGE 14 2 3 4 6 33 38 40 42 FEATURES 8 Breathe Easy Dusty boxes of holiday decorations can spell trouble for people with respiratory conditions. These tips will help clear the air. 9 10 What's Your Melting Point? Ranking the biggest holiday stressors. Staying in Control Tom Hanks is one of millions of Americans managing diabetes this holiday season. 14 Healthy Holidays Watch out for these hazards, and you'll be set for the most wonderful time of the year. 22 A Gift to Yourself For gifts that keep on giving, schedule the screenings you need to ensure long-term health. 28 Celebrating While Someone Is Ill Practical advice to help you through the holiday season. 49 What Holiday Songs Can Tell Us About Our Health The popular tunes we sing each year carry valuable lessons, if you really look at the lyrics. 52 Q&A: Brain Tumors Don't let medical drama TV shows be your only source for this topic. A GMC neurosurgeon explains. 56 Fend Off the Flu Avoid runny noses, chills, fever and cough with help from a physician at the Strickland Family Medicine Center. Phil's Feature 3 Easy Ways Out of the White Coat Healthy Dose This Just In The Truth About Sleep How To: Choose a Doctor Quiz: Freak Out or Chill Out? 44 At a Glance: A Worrywart's Guide to Cancer 46 In the Market: Sweet Potatoes 48 Health by the Numbers: Looking at Autism How stress and depression affect your ticker PAGE 34 54 Exercise Your Options Want to get your teens off the couch and out of the house? Check out these fun ways for them to be active. COVER PHOTO BY GETTY/CBS PHOTO ARCHIVE WINTE R 2015 1

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Vim & Vigor - Winter 2015 - Gwinnett Medical Center