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Contents SPRING 2016 THE BIG STORY Ladies, here's what you need to know about your unique health risks. PAGE 14 Learn three ways to fix this spring veggie. PAGE 46 IN EVERY ISSUE 2 32 33 38 40 42 44 FEATURES 4 A Healthy Start The new milk depot at NMMC Women's Hospital is helping premature babies, and their mothers, one ounce at a time. 9 10 Women's Health: Are You in the Know? Most women aren't. Brush up on some basics. Acting for Awareness Oscar winner Julianne Moore has a deeper understanding of Alzheimer's disease and a passion for advocacy. 14 Ladies First Get a handle on women's unique risks for heart disease, stroke and certain cancers. 22 The Hormone Journey Women's hormones ebb and flow throughout their lives. Here's how to cope. 28 Treat Yourself Pamper yourself with these fab rewards after you've gotten your screenings. 49 Shopping for Urgent Care? The clinics in Columbus and Oxford offer today's busy families convenient access to affordable healthcare. 50 The Doctor Will See You Now Thirty-three new physicians have joined North Mississippi Health Services. 46 48 56 Opening Thoughts The Quick List This Just In The Truth About Eating Disorders How To: Read a Nutrition Label Quiz: Freak Out or Chill Out? At a Glance: Allergic to Home? In the Market: Asparagus Health by the Numbers: Cancer Catch the Spirit Does this breakfast have more calories than a doughnut? PAGE 34 6 Connections in Cancer Care Breast and lung cancer patients in north Mississippi no longer have to face diagnosis and treatment alone. COVER PHOTO BY GETTY/DAN MacMEDAN SPRING 2016 1

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Vim & Vigor - Spring 2016 - North Mississippi