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HOMEOWNER’S CORNER Give Back Volunteer for an Association Committee ommittees are an important part of association operations. Committee members help keep communities vibrant and can save the association money. Active, effective committees and members deserve the association’s most sincere thanks. Associations need to cultivate fresh ideas and encourage additional resident involvement. So, consider helping on one of your association’s committees. Committees help boards gather information, offer new ideas and opinions, and provide a training ground for future board members. All committees are advisory to the board unless given C specific decision-making authority by the board or condominium documents. To succeed, committees need a job description, goal and mission statement. There are three types of committees: • Administrative committees, such as an architectural control committee, may be set out in the association’s bylaws and documents. They are ongoing, permanent and often have clearly defined power and authority. • Standing committees, which may include finance and facility management committees, may be established by the board for an ongoing and specific purpose. These committees generally make recommendations to, and act under the supervision of, the board. • Ad-hoc committees, like a summer picnic committee, can be established by the board as needed for specific projects. When the task is complete, the committee disbands. If you're thinking about running for the board and want to learn a little more about association operations first, or if you're interested in helping improve your community or just want to get out and meet neighbors, talk to board and committee members about how you might be able to help. CM We provide m We more condominium re-roofing than any other company in Greater Boston. re-ro oofing com mpany Boston n. Asphalt Shingles Rubber Roofing Repairs & Re-roofing Metal Roofing Gutters & Downspouts Our Company Pledge: We will call you back on the same day. Manufacturer trained installers ensure correct installations. First class professionalism and clean-up. Licensed and insured in MA & CT. We work closely with Property Managers and Engineers to identify the most cost-effective roofing solution for your association. For the past twenty years, our mission has been to provide the best installed roofing systems and superior service for the greater Boston area. We are certified by all major roofing manufacturers. We regard excellent customer relations as an essential part of our full-service roofing company. Expect our production crews to be reliable, and our twenty-four hour emergency repair crews to be proficient in troubleshooting hard-to-find leaks. — Shawn Bryan, President. Member since 1998 Member since 617-244 990 244 617-244-9901 617-244-990 6www.newtonroofing.com1 244-990 www wtonr MA LIC# 111908 L CONDO MEDIA • AUGUST 2009 21

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Condo Media - August 2009
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