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VENDOR SPOTLIGHT YANKEE PEST CONTROL Innovative Solutions to Pest Control Problems by Pamela Schweppe “ ood night. Sleep tight. Don’t let the bedbugs bite.” How many children have been sent to bed with that little rhyme in their ears? Yet, bedbugs were virtually unheard of in this country for more than a generation — until recently. One Massachusetts company equipped to handle the resurgence of this tiny pest is Yankee Pest Control of Malden, Mass. Now in its 20th year of operation, the family-run business has helped homeowners and businesses alike cope not only with bedbugs, but also with a host of pest-control issues, from termites, cockroaches and ants to mice, squirrels, raccoons, bats and more. Galvin Murphy Sr., the founder and owner of Yankee Pest Control, got his start in the business when he joined a pest control company upon returning from a stint in the Marine Corps. He soon realized that he preferred to be in charge, however, so he returned to school to take the business courses he needed to be a success. Then, “my wife and I decided to take a six-week vacation, because we knew there’d be no more six-week vacations after we started our business,” he grins. Today, his 12-person firm includes: his son, Galvin J. Murphy, also a former Marine; and his son-in-law, Christopher Graham. G To accomplish this, Yankee Pest Control relies on the principles of Integrated Pest Management (IPM), an ecologically sensitive approach to pest management supported by the government’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). IPM uses common sense practices to take care of pest problems economically and with the least potential hazard to people and the environment. For example, among Yankee Pest Control’s accounts is a 20-building condominium complex in Quincy, Mass. Eleven of the 20 buildings were experiencing a problem with termites. Galvin noticed that the buildings were located on a hillside, where moisture, which attracts termites, ran down into the structures. By bringing in a bulldozer to lower the grade and fixing the downspouts, he was able to eliminate the moisture problem — and the termites — without the use of chemicals. Another IPM practice involves sealing off openings where mice can get in, rather than destroying the animals after they’ve entered the building. Yankee Pest Control has met all the requirements of the New England Pest Management Association's IPM Registry, and has registered IPM practitioners on staff. A “Green” Approach “You don’t stay in this business for 20 years by doing the same thing,” Galvin declares. “When I started out, you’d go in and spray, and then walk away. Now, the emphasis is much more on how to get rid of the problem without pesticides.” Meeting the Needs of Condo Associations Inspection is an important part of Yankee Pest Control’s process. In fact, Galvin is the creator of the Wood Destroying Insect Inspection Program of the New England Pest Management Association, and he continues to administer and oversee the program. “Over the years, my special expertise has been in wood-destroying insect control,” he reveals. Pending the results of the inspection, the service professionals at Yankee Pest Control recommend a service plan to the prospective customer. This may include a one-time guaranteed service call that includes a six-month written service guarantee. In addition to this one-time service plan, the company also offers an ongoing residential pest management program. This program includes service for the current need plus two scheduled services per year — once in the spring and once in the fall. Under the plan, additional service is provided upon request at no additional cost. The plan covers stinging insects, rats, mice, ants, roaches, pill bugs, earwigs, sow bugs, silverfish, ground beetles and spiders. For buildings larger than three units, Yankee Pest Control can build a customized service program that may include weekly, biweekly, monthly, bimonthly or annual service, or it may provide service on an on-call basis — whatever is best for the customer. Among those who appreciate Yankee Pest Control’s consistently reliable service is Phil Lambert, vice president of The Dartmouth Group, a property management firm in Bedford, Mass. “We’ve used Yankee Pest Control extensively over the years, and they’ve always been excellent,” he says. “Galvin and his son are very knowledgeable and very responsive, and just a pleasure to work with.” He especially appreciates Yankee Pest Control’s ability to customize its service to the property, and to accommodate 30 ADVERTISEMENT

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