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FEATURE by Nena Groskind Spotlight here may be more difficult assignments than writing a profile of Claudette Carini, CAINE’s executive director, but it is hard to imagine what they would be. Claudette will talk endlessly about the organization and the contributions of its volunteers, but nothing short of water boarding will persuade her to talk much about herself or the role she has played in building the organization and expanding its influence during the 15 years she has been at the helm. Fortunately, industry executives who have worked with her are more than willing to fill in those blanks. “Claudette is well liked and absolutely respected by everyone,” says Robert McBride, CMCA, AMS, PCAM, CEO of The Dartmouth Group, and a past president and current director of the CAI-NE board. “I have never heard anyone utter a negative word about her. There is nothing nice you could say that wouldn’t be true.” “Organized,” “committed,” “positive,” “energetic,” and “unflappable” are some of the nice things people say, and that’s a short list, to which Richard Brooks, a partner in the law firm Marcus, Errico, Emmer & Brooks, adds, “She is amazingly humble. Claudette never wants to take any of the credit; she thinks it should go to the volunteers.” Brooks also is a past president and current CAINE board member, and the current president of the Condo Media board. Shunning the Carini Can’t Duck Credit for CAI-NE’s Success T When, at the national conference in New Orleans earlier this year, she received CAI’s prestigious President’s Award, which is given at the discretion of the national president in recognition of exemplary service and the instrumental role recipients play in helping CAI achieve its goals. “Claudette didn’t tell us,” Brooks says. “We heard about it from other people.” For Claudette, who is accustomed to operating in the background and more comfortable there, the President’s Award created a spotlight she couldn’t dodge and an opportunity for her and other industry executives to look back on a relationship that began 15 years ago; one that has evolved in ways no one could have predicted at the time. McBride, who was one of the first board members to interview Claudette when she applied for the executive director’s position, recalls: “We knew she was terrific; we just didn’t know how terrific she would be.” A First for Both Claudette was the first full-time director for the association, which had been run from its inception almost entirely by a core group of industry executives, who didn’t know exactly what to expect from their new employee. “She hit the ground running,” Brooks recalls. “There wasn’t much of a learning curve.” There was actually quite a long learning curve, but it occurred mostly at the Massachusetts Association of Realtors (MAR), where Claudette had worked for eight years before joining CAI-NE. The MAR position was only the second job she had held since graduating from college with a human resources degree, and it was her first ever with a professional trade association. “I had no idea what a trade association was,” she admits now. “The executive director explained that MAR had several thousand members, but I saw a small office with only a few staff members, so I asked — ‘where are your other branches?’ I thought it was a huge corporation. I just didn’t get it.” Characteristically, she caught on quickly and, also characteristically, she ended up doing more than the job required. Although she was hired as an office administrator, Claudette says, “Executives and volunteers at MAR let me take on as much as I wanted.” It wasn’t long before she was providing staff support for a variety of association committees, and working closely with volunteers. “That’s where I really started getting experience in association management,” she notes. Time to Move After eight years at the Realtor organization, she was beginning to think it was time to move on, when the real estate downturn expedited that decision. Budget cuts at MAR eliminated 32 CONDO MEDIA • AUGUST 2009

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