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MANAGEMENT by Nena Groskind Can’t We All Just Get Along? Headaches and Impossible Challenges for Boards y upstairs neighbors are overweight. When they walk across the floor, it sounds like an army doing maneuvers over our head.” “The cigarette smoke coming from my next-door neighbor’s unit is making me sick.” “When Mr. Gabrielli cooks spaghetti, I smell garlic for a week. And I hate garlic!” “I haven’t seen Mrs. Jones for a couple of weeks. She must be over 90 now, and I’m a little worried about her.” If you compiled a list of the most common condominium complaints, it would contain some variations of most, if not all, of these. Noise, smoking, odors (usually, although not always, related to cooking) and aging residents top the issues that concern, annoy, disturb or infuriate condominium residents and bedevil the board members and managers who are expected to “do something” — usually in capital letters with exclamation marks — to resolve the problems. “ M How Loud Is It? We’ll start this discussion with noise complaints, which are both the most common and often the most difficult for boards and managers to resolve. Most condominium documents contain language prohibiting owners from creating a “nuisance” that annoys other residents or interferes with their “quiet enjoyment” of their homes. And just about everyone agrees that noise falls under the nuisance category. The problem comes in trying to distinguish between normal noise (created by daily living) and noise so loud that it becomes a nuisance. 22 CONDO MEDIA • OCTOBER 2010

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Condo Media - October 2010
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Condo Media - October 2010