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ENVIRONMENTAL by Fred Schernecker The Green Building Envelope Roofing and Siding Projects That Are Right for Your Association and the Environment injected into shingle molds. They pron the last several years, “going environmentally and financially responvide excellent longevity and can be green” has gone mainstream. sible. Here’s a practical “real world” fabricated to mimic cedar shakes or From reusable grocery bags to guide to help you get started. slate shingles. But rubber shingles are hybrid vehicles, demand for susGreen Roofing Realities expensive and can cost more than four tainable, earth-friendly design and times the price of asphalt shingles. products continues to grow. When it’s time to replace your associaThe green movement’s influence also tion’s roofs, you’ll discover that there “Cool” roofing shingles use granis evident in the number of new condoare a number of shingles on the marules and coatings to reflect solar rays minium developments that have earned ket that are billed as green alternatives from the roof, lowering roof and attic LEED certification from the U.S. Green to traditional asphalt shingles. Building Council. LEED certification — which stands for “Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design” — is a complex rating system that awards “green” points based on a project’s construction, operation and maintenance. Official LEED certification for most condo renovation work is cost prohibitive. But that doesn’t mean your association’s efforts to “go green” are limited only to recycling, smarter landscaping irrigation and Energy Star lighting. Your association can also incorporate green principles into major capital improvement projects, such as largescale roofing and siding Associations can incorporate green principles into major capital improvement projects, such as large-scale roofing and siding replacements. replacements. It is possible to do building envelope renovations that are Unfortunately, most are either unaftemperatures, and reducing the right for your association and the envi- fordable or impractical for New amount of energy needed to cool a ronment. The real challenge is sorting England associations. home in the summer. However, the through the avalanche of information premium cost for these shingles is about green building materials and Rubber shingles are made directly easier to justify in Southern states. In practices to find solutions that are both from recycled tires or recycled material colder climates like the Northeast, I 20 CONDO MEDIA • JUNE 2011

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Condo Media - June 2011
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Condo Media - June 2011