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VENDOR SPOTLIGHT Preserve Services Your One-Stop Partner in Property Maintenance by Peter Golden I t is the first, fine day of spring and Preserve Services, known for its solid craft skills and personal touch, is on the job at Pegan Brook Condominium in historic Natick, Mass. High above the green quadrangle of turf at the center of this neatly laid-out community association, craftsmen are carefully installing weather-resistant Quality, Service and Affordability Sean O’Connor, Preserve Services’ president, and the teams of craftsmen he sends into the field every day convey those all-too-rare qualities of skill and dependability that community association managers and trustees look for. O’Connor holds a Massachusetts Preserve Services maintenance project at Pegan Brook Condominium included exterior painting, and replacement of siding, trim, windows and doors. PVC trim and meticulously painting repaired surfaces. In the midst of the bustle, there is a quiet sense of purpose in the air. Tools and supplies are discreetly laid out among the budding trees and flowering shrubs. The craftsmen onsite work quickly and with wellpracticed determination. General Contractor’s license, which gives him an understanding of all aspects of condominium repairs and improvements. His teams of craftsmen, many of whom have been with the company for years, have the expertise to replace roofing, trim and siding in any quantity, paint interiors and exteriors, install windows and doors, and are EPA trained and certified to deal with pre1978 properties, where certain materials may represent environmental hazards. Preserve Services is also fully insured and bonded. “How do you make quality tangible?” asks O’Connor, in a discussion of the values he seeks to uphold through Preserve Services, which is located in Salem, Mass., and has been serving community association clients throughout Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire for close to 20 years. “My answer is simple,” says O’Connor, “use the best materials the budget allows and work as smart and as well as you can. It’s also about consistency,” he adds, “We always aim to deliver quality, service and affordability.” Community associations that hire Preserve Services benefit from the company’s ability to deliver on what they promise. For condominiums where capital improvements are in order, Preserve Services can create an “all at once” program or a planned maintenance schedule across a predetermined span of time. At Pegan Brook, for instance, plans call for complete exterior repainting of the complex’s colonial townhouses, along with all of the trim, molding and siding replacement. New doors and windows are being installed and a unit owner on a tight schedule is delighted to find that Preserve Services can repaint the interior of her home in short order. The Real Test But the real test for any service provider like Preserve Services comes in the ability 34 ADVERTISEMENT

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