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LEGISLATIVE UPDATE MORE OF THE SAME This Year’s Agendas Look Familiar to CAI Legislative Action Committees Around New England area privileges of delinquent owners to the mechanism through which associations can obtain bank loans. “This is a good piece of legislation,” says LAC Chairman Bruce McGlauflin, a partner with Petrucelli, Martin & Haddow. “It culls some of the best practice provisions from the Uniform Condominium Ownership hen it comes to condominium legislation this year, the lyrics of an old song apply: “Everything old is new again.” The agendas for CAI’s Legislative Action Committees (LAC) in Maine, Massachusetts and Rhode Island look very much like the agendas for last year, consisting largely of measures that are being re-filed and variations on oft-repeated themes. W Maine The Maine LAC has one item on its agenda this session: An omnibus measure containing a package of amendments to the state Condominium Act. Designed to improve association operations and eliminate inconsistencies in existing laws regulating condominiums, the LAC-supported measure addresses a range of issues, from the authority of boards to suspend common Act, and combines them in a bill designed to improve association governance and improve the financial stability of associations.” The bill’s centerpiece, and a priority for the LAC, establishes a six-month priority lien for community associations, ensuring their ability to collect unpaid assessments from owners who lose their units in foreclosure. This also is the only provision in the bill that is likely to attract significant opposition, McGlauflin notes. When a standalone measure establishing the priority lien failed in the last legislative session, the LAC decided that making it part of a broader legislative package might improve its prospects. But the state’s bankers, who blocked the measure before, are expected to oppose it again. The bankers have made it clear, McGlauflin says, that they 36 CONDO MEDIA • JUNE 2011

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