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CONDO MEDIA CAI New England PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE The Official Publication of CAI New England CHAPTER PARTNERS DIAMOND • Brookline Bank • Goodman, Shapiro & Lombardi LLC • Marcus, Errico, Emmer & Brooks P.C. • The Niles Company, Inc., AMO • Perkins & Anctil P.C. • Schernecker Property Services Inc. (SPS) PLATINUM • Condo Media Magazine • ServiceMaster by Gilmore GOLD • Mutual of Omaha Bank – Community Assoc. Banking & CondoCerts • Prime Touch Services, Inc. • Swerling Milton Winnick Public Insurance Adjusters Inc. • Thayer & Associates Inc., AMO S I LV E R • American Properties Team, Inc. • Cozby & Company CPAs • Crowninshield Management Corp., AMO • First Niagara, HOA Lending • Greater Boston Properties Inc., AAMC • Mercantile Property Management Corp. • Rockland Trust BRONZE • Bloom Cohen Hayes LLC • Davis, Malm & D'Agostine P.C. • Goldman & Pease LLC • Kidd-Luukko Corporation • MPD Law, LLC • Smartstreet/Union Bank We’re in it Together s the first individual from Maine to be elected to the CAI-NE Board of Directors, it is a distinct privilege and pleasure to serve as the 2013 chapter president. As I look ahead to this New Year, I would like to recount a series of incidents that occurred when I attended the Annual Condo Conference and Expo in Marlborough, Mass. on Oct. 27 and that serve as both a metaphor and a model for my message — “We’re in it Together.” At the conference, a hotel boiler malfunctioned, sending water cascading over the registration area 15 minutes prior to sign-in — an event that could have derailed the year’s largest chapter-sponsored event — were it not for the quick response by chapter staff, committee members and volunteers, including business partners and event attendees who made overtures to assist in any way possible. And, as the fire trucks and police cruisers rolled away, the day proceeded successfully. That very same day, while staff and countless volunteers were managing details to ensure a successful Expo, chapter president Scott Wolf, a scheduled speaker at the conference, traveled to a neighboring state to address a group of more than 200 homeowners who came to the devastating realization that same week, that financial improprieties may have occurred in their more than 20 associations. Scott provided a number of CAI resources as well as advice as a professional manager to these homeowners seeking guidance in determining their next steps. And in true chapter spirit, Scott’s speaking engagement at the conference was covered by other volunteers that were happy to assist, jumping in and preparing program materials at the last minute. These incidents punctuate what I have learned about CAI and the New England chapter — this chapter has a solidly forged base, and we’re in it together. It occurred to me that soggy morning that my role as chapter president has aspects which can be extrapolated from observing such lightning response, poise in unexpected circumstances and an unprecedented level of professionalism — all measures that comprise the backbone of the essential industry tools the chapter provides on an ongoing basis to members through education and support. In 2013, I look forward to achieving two goals. I hope to build on chapter membership initiatives and continue to develop a greater awareness of the CAI brand. My personal, professional goal over the past several years has been to encourage Maine volunteers and management companies alike to become an invested and integral part of CAI-NE. I will continue to cultivate that objective in my state as well as other chapter states and attempt to attend chapter state forums around New England, since we truly are “In it Together.” In the coming year, we can work together to encourage even more multi-state participation, and continue to strengthen the organization — one individual volunteer and community at a time — the cornerstone and building blocks of our industry. I hope to visit many of you in the weeks ahead, and until then, I wish you a happy 2013. May your New Year be a year touched by personal happiness and professional growth. A For more information about our chapter partners, visit Sincerely, 4 CONDO MEDIA • JANUARY 2013 Pete Garrett, CMCA, AMS, PCAM 2013 CAI-NE Chapter President

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