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N e w s Inside: CAI N E W S MEMBERSHIP NEWS C A I 6 Membership News 8 Upcoming Events 18 Maine News 20 Massachusetts News 22 Rhode Island News 24 Vermont News CAI’s Homeowner Education Free Online Programs AI’s homeowner education program is designed to help association board members, committee members, and residents better understand the governance and management of homeowner and condominium associations. CAI developed this program to support its mission of inspiring responsible and enlightened leadership in common-interest communities. Following are the core elements of the program. C You will also learn about the function of association boards, the purpose of committees, and the roles of both the community manager and staff. After reviewing this document, you will have a greater understanding of exactly how a community association works and how you can enjoy and benefit the most from community association living. Top Hits on the CAI-NE Web Site An Introduction to Community Association Living A basic introduction for homeowners new to community associations and a great resource for volunteer leaders, An Introduction to Community Association Living focuses on the rights and responsibilities of a homeowner and volunteer. The program introduces you to the roles of community associations such as providing services, managing physical assets and advocating for fellow homeowners. You will learn about the key documents that govern community associations, including: • Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions (CC&Rs) • Master deeds • Articles of incorporation • Bylaws • Resolutions The Fundamentals of Community Association Volunteer Leadership Once you have read An Introduction to Community Association Living, you may decide to become a more active volunteer or seek a position as a board member. The Fundamentals of Community Association Volunteer Leadership is an online course developed by the Center for Community Association Volunteers. This online course covers: • Operations • Roles and responsibilities • Association management • Contracting • Meetings Upon completion of the course and its online evaluation, you will be issued a certificate recognizing that you have completed The Fundamentals of Community Association Volunteer Leadership. The CAI-NE Web site – – provides invaluable resources and information for volunteer board members and industry professionals. Check out the following top 5 pages. 1. Resource Directories – Management Directory 2. Helpful Resources – An Introduction to Community Association Living 3. Sponsorship & Advertising – Condo Media Advertising 4. Chapter Partners Partnership Opportunities 5. Program & Event Registration – Annual Chapter Dinner For more information and to download these valuable online resources visit CM 6 CONDO MEDIA • JANUARY 2013

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Condo Media - January 2013
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Condo Media - January 2013