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N e w s C A I Inside: CAI N E W S 6 Membership News 8 Upcoming Events 14 Maine News 15 Massachusetts News 16 Rhode Island News 18 Vermont News MEMBERSHIP NEWS BusinessProduct and Service Providers Partner Essentials Online Course for n an industry that supports more than 60 million Americans, nothing is more important than a job well done. The adage applies not only to management professionals and homeowner volunteer leaders, but also to the thousands of companies and professionals who support commoninterest communities — accountants, I attorneys, bankers, insurance professionals, landscapers, painters, reserve specialists, software providers and many others. Their importance to communities and CAI cannot be understated. That’s why CAI now offers Business Partner Essentials, a two-part, online course to help CAI-member product Top Hits on the CAI-NE Web Site and service providers better understand CAI, community associations and the industry at large. Individuals who pass the course and maintain CAI membership earn the CAI Educated Business Partner mem- The two-part online course helps service providers understand community associations. The CAI-NE Web site — — provides invaluable resources and information for volunteer board members and industry professionals. Check out the following pages. • Resource Directories: Management Directory • About CAI-NE: A Message from the President • Resource Directories: Insurance & Restoration Directory • Program & Event Registration: Annual Chapter Dinner & Awards Banquet • Condo Media: Subscribe Today 6 CONDO MEDIA • FEBRUARY 2013 ber distinction. By taking this course, business partners will distinguish themselves as an Educated Business Partner and can share their accomplishment with current and potential clients. The course is approximately three hours long and includes two online webinars with exams, as well as printable materials and completion certification. Additional reading materials are also available. Reference to the CAI Educated Business Partner distinction can be used as long as the holder remains a CAI Business Partner member or affiliate. While the distinction can be referenced in corporate marketing materials, it must be clearly associated with the individual who earned the distinction and not a company. CM For more information about the Educated Business Partner distinction visit

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Condo Media - February 2013
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Condo Media - February 2013