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HOMEOWNER’S COLUMN NAME CORNER Rights and Responsibilities Principles for Homeowners and Community Leaders T here is a difference between living in a community and being part of that community. Being part of a community means sharing with your neighbors a common desire to promote harmony and contentment. This goal is best achieved when homeowners, non-owner residents, and association leaders recognize and accept their rights and responsibilities. With this goal in mind, Community Associations Institute (CAI) developed Rights and Responsibilities for Better Communities. By encouraging community associations to adopt Rights and Responsibilities for Better Communities, CAI strives to promote harmony, community, responsible citizenship, and effective leadership. Let Rights and Responsibilities Help Your Community The process of formally adopting Rights and Responsibilities will give communities an excellent opportunity for the kind of dialogue that facilitates awareness, builds consensus, and promotes greater community involvement. As greater numbers of associations adopt Rights and Responsibilities — Representing Condominium Associations, Homeowner Associations and Management Companies throughout New Hampshire and Northern Massachusetts. Providing representation in all areas of condominium law from drafting and execution of condominium instruments, amendments, collection of assessments to litigation from trial through appeal. For specific questions and to find out how we can service your particular needs, please contact our office and speak with one of our attorneys. (603) 627-5997 45 Bay Street Manchester, NH 03104 (603) 742-1052 3 Webb Place Dover, NH 03820 (800) 828-3200 565 Turnpike Street North Andover, MA 01845 Serving clients in all of NH and northern MA 22 CONDO MEDIA • SEPTEMBER 2013 and adhere to its principles — there will be less potential for conflict within communities, and ultimately, more people will understand the nature and value of community association living. How You Can Make it Happen Adopting Rights and Responsibilities for Better Communities is easy! • Download the Rights and Responsibilities document at • Distribute the document throughout your community, announcing and publicizing where and when adoption will be considered. • Explain why this is important to your community and the benefits it can create. • Review and discuss the merits of the principles at an open meeting of your board. • Solicit input from homeowners. • Have your board vote to adopt a resolution endorsing Rights and Responsibilities for Better Communities. The principles will be more meaningful to homeowners and community leaders if they are formally adopted. Like many worthwhile endeavors, community living cannot be free of conflict. Utopia does not exist. With all of their inherent advantages, community associations often face difficult issues. While adopting Rights and Responsibilities will not eliminate all conflict, its adoption can stimulate communication, promote trust and cooperation, clarify expectations, and build a greater sense of community. CM

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